5 Recommended game skills on Amazon Alexa

Due to the popularity of this post with over 200 views, I thought I would share it again and include a new favourite game of mine. Please keep reading to find out more: I have had my Amazon Alexa for 21 months now and it has been a tremendous lifeline for me. Plus very entertaining!… Continue reading 5 Recommended game skills on Amazon Alexa


My summary of January 2019

As promised, here is my new monthly blog feature summarising the events of each month and sharing blog roundups. Birthday January is always a special month for me because it is the month I was born and the time to celebrate my birthday. This year I turned 25 years old. I didn’t do anything special… Continue reading My summary of January 2019

A life without disability

A few weeks ago I was watching a debate programme on television where they were discussing whether they would take the option to cure/prevent people having a disability or long term condition. This made me think whether myself and other disabled people would take the option of a cure if it was offered to them.… Continue reading A life without disability