My summary of January 2019

As promised, here is my new monthly blog feature summarising the events of each month and sharing blog roundups. Birthday January is always a special month for me because it is the month I was born and the time to celebrate my birthday. This year I turned 25 years old. I didn’t do anything special… Continue reading My summary of January 2019

Rock For Disability: 1 Year Anniversary

The day was Tuesday 21st November 2017 and it was my final day working as an Independent Distributor for retail company Kleeneze. I decided sales wasn’t the role for me and instead I wanted to pursue my writing, media and journalism skills further. Therefore I took the plunge, registered to WordPress, subscribed to the personal… Continue reading Rock For Disability: 1 Year Anniversary

December 2018 Donations: Scope

Rock For Disability has been running for 12 months now and celebrating it’s 1st anniversary next week. It’s gained over 7250 blog hits and has over 1130 followers. Last month alone, it reached 1000 page views, making November the most popular month so far! However I’m keen to grow it further and that is where… Continue reading December 2018 Donations: Scope

November 2018 Donations: RNIB

Rock For Disability is reaching it’s 11th month now and it’s growing well. It’s gained over 6200 blog hits and has over 1000 followers. But it needs to grow further and that is where I need your help. If you love the work I’ve produced so far and eager to read more blog posts and… Continue reading November 2018 Donations: RNIB

Bake A Difference for MDUK

Last weekend, my friend and I hosted a #BakeADifference event to raise money for Muscuular Dystrophy UK. I suggested to do this because we both enjoy baking and thought it be a great way of fundraising for charity. (Although the image above does say 8th – 14th Oct, neither my friend nor I were available… Continue reading Bake A Difference for MDUK