Guest Blog: A Brief Guide to Music Streaming Services

This is a guest blog post by ConsumerAdvocate sharing it’s guide to the best music streaming services.


New music in 2019: Part 3

Here is Part 3 of my feature where every three months I will share my suggested new music of the year: 1. Liam Gallagher – Now that I found you 2. Blink 182 – Pin the Grenade 3. Snow Patrol – Time won’t go slowly 4. Coldplay – Orphans 5. Green Day – Father of… Continue reading New music in 2019: Part 3

Reading Festival 2019: “TV highlights”

I hate to say it but this year I failed to attend a summer music festival; since my first music festival back in 2012. I did try buying tickets for Glastonbury Festival back in October but they sold out farr too quickly despite logging on at exactly 9am. Then when I found out Foo Fighters… Continue reading Reading Festival 2019: “TV highlights”