Review: Spice Girls at Wembley Stadium (night 3)

DISCLAIMER: Now before all you hard core rock fans and those who like stating the obvious – Yes this blog is called “Rock” For Disability and the premises of my music feature is to write about rock music. The Spice Girls are a pop girl band and should not be appearing on this style of… Continue reading Review: Spice Girls at Wembley Stadium (night 3)


Music Interview: The Radio Broadcast

This week I’ve had the opportunity to interview American electronic duo The Radio Broadcast: __________________________________________________________ Band Name: The Radio Broadcast Members: Michael (Keys/Synth/Sounds/Samples/Loops) & Kristin (Vocals/Keys) Genre: Live Electronic Founded: September 2008 (Live: October 2009) Originated From: Bowling Green, Ohio, USA Discography: TRB (EP) & ARRIVED (EP) __________________________________________________________ 1. How would you describe your music?… Continue reading Music Interview: The Radio Broadcast

Music Interview: Avalanche

We’re heading to the rock n’ roll scene down under this week to introduce you to Avalanche: __________________________________________________________ Band: Avalanche Members: Steven Campbell (Lead vocals/bass), Veronica ‘V’ Taleski (Lead Guitar), Ryan Roma (Drums) & Arthur Divis (Rhythm Guitar) Genre: Hard Rock Founded: March 2018 Originated From: Sydney, Australia Discography: Sent From Hell (Debut Double EP,… Continue reading Music Interview: Avalanche