How is disability represented in the Netflix series ‘Special’?

Special is a Netflix original comedy series which follows the life of Ryan Hayes, a 28 year old gay man with cerebral palsy. He secures an internship at a website and moves into his first house to try live the life he wants. The story is based on the real life of Ryan O’Connell, who… Continue reading How is disability represented in the Netflix series ‘Special’?


Blogger Q&A: My Answers

Last month I launched a blogger Q&A where people can have the opportunity to ask me anything. Today I’m going to share the questions I received from followers and fellow bloggers and reveal my answers. These questions are in no particular order but just in the order I received them: 1. If you could have… Continue reading Blogger Q&A: My Answers

My 2018 in review

  2018 has been the year of me being productive, determined and self-motivated. I would admit I haven’t achieved as much as I hoped this year. However I’ve discovered what I’m capable of and what I can accomplish with the resources and connections I have. Here is a roundup of all my achievements, activities and… Continue reading My 2018 in review