Are music venues and festivals safe for everyone?

Over the past decade, I’ve attended 37 music concerts and festivals across the UK. Throughout the years I’ve noticed many venues lack security checks on disabled guests and many public areas surrounding the venue are not very secured with guards, stewards or police officers. Following the Manchester Arena bombing in 2017, I expected to see… Continue reading Are music venues and festivals safe for everyone?


My 2019 summer of music

Summer is almost approaching and the stadium shows and festivals will begin soon. This year, I have three trips to Wembley Stadium within the space of four weeks: On the Saturday 15th of June, my friend, her daughter and I will be heading back to my childhood and enjoying the cheesy pop night with the… Continue reading My 2019 summer of music

Music Interview: Threatpoint

Today I am introducing you to the creative, positive and groovy thrash metal sound of ¬†American band , Threatpoint: ____________________________________________________________ Band Name: Threatpoint Members: CJ Krukowski (Drums), Chris James (Vocals), Alex Olivetti (Guitar), Sam Young (Bass) & Greg Baczmarga (Guitar). Genre: Groove/Thrash Metal Founded: March 2012 Originated From: Scranton, Pennsylvania, USA Discography: Dead to Rise,… Continue reading Music Interview: Threatpoint