5 funny Facebook statuses 2009 – 2013

I joined the social media platform Facebook over 10 years ago. Recently I came across some very funny and random statuses appear in my Facebook memories. This inspired me to go through my activity log and find my best Facebook statuses from each year.

In this blog post, I share five Facebook statuses from 2009 to 2013:

2009 – Gummy bears video

oh im a gummy bear yes im a gummy bear, im a yummy, tummy, funny, lucky gummy bear oh yeah! ENJOY THE SHOW!!!

This was my first ever status when I joined Facebook in January 2009 at aged 15. In this post I’m actually sharing my first video I viewed on Youtube – Gummy Bears!

2010 – Plotting to kill

Is planning her plot to shoot Lucy Hale!

Don’t worry, I’m not an actual murder. My friend from school kept coming up to me asking to shoot her. So I think this particular day I decided to tell my Facebook friends I’m planning a plot to shoot her. I will clarify I never shot her and she is now safe and happy in Manchester… I hope!

2011 – Spacemonkey & Nobbies


me and my spacemonkey friend Lily Helme is planning a mission to mars to look for NOBBIES. Altho the Ice Gem alien dropper Lottie Rapson hasnt gt the foggiest clue as to what or where it is! LMAO :P <3

I literally have no idea what this status is about or what we were doing that daybut almost every year I see it appear in my Facebook memories, it makes me laugh

2012 – Over excitable trip to Gunwharf Quays

I never thought a trip to Gunwharf would be that enjoyable. I'm glad my Pompey virgins had a good time! :) <3

One weekend in March, my college friends and I went to Gunwharf Quays shopping centre in Portsmouth. As I was born and raised in the area, I’ve visited the venue all my life. However my friends reacted like they had just landed at Disney World

2013 – A strange mixed up meal

I think I've proven that horse meat, iron tablets and WKD don't mix! lol :P I blame my mofo for this!

One evening I cooked burgers for dinner and drank a bottle of wkd. I was also taking iron tablets at the time. My friend Steph popped into my flat halfway through my meal and I began to get a bit hyper. I think Steph questioned my burgers may be horse meat and I decided to blame her (mofo is a reference to The Hangover Films).

I hope you enjoyed reading these five funny Facebook statuses. Next time I’ll be sharing statuses from 2014 to 2019.

Have you found any funny or random previous Facebook statuses on your profile? Feel free to share them in the comments box or social media.

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