Bake A Difference for MDUK

Last weekend, my friend and I hosted a #BakeADifference event to raise money for Muscuular Dystrophy UK. I suggested to do this because we both enjoy baking and thought it be a great way of fundraising for charity.

Bake a difference october 2018

(Although the image above does say 8th – 14th Oct, neither my friend nor I were available that week and did it last weekend instead)

On the Friday, my Mum and I began the baking preperations by making banana bread and chocolate biscuits. Then on the Saturday, my friend and I spent 4 hours, yes FOUR HOURS, baking a variety of delicious treats.

Emma & Pluggy baking in the kitchen

That afternoon we baked chocolate brownies, halloween cupcakes and a rhubarb & custard cake.

Cakes laid on table

On the Sunday, we hosted an afternoon tea party and had friends come over, brought some more baking goodies and donated money in exchange for cake. It was a fun and lively afternoon and we raised lots of money.

On Monday, my Dad took the rest of the cakes to work and sold them to his colleagues.

In additn to the bake sale, I also chose MDUK as October’s disability charity for blog donations.

As a result of everyone’s hard work baking, attending the tea party and donating, we’ve raised a total of =


Facebook screenshot - Hi everyone, Thank you again for coming to our Bake A Difference event for Muscular Dystrophy UK. I am pleased to say that the bake sale and some donations from readers on my blog Rock For Disability, has raised a total of £118! Thank you for all your generous donatins and supporting such an amazing charity! 🤑🤑🤑😍😍😍♿️♿️♿️ = £118

Thank you to everyone who was involved and for supporting such an amazing charity!

UPDATE: As of 11:30am on 02/11/2018 another £10 has been donated thanks to my Grandma Shirley. The total is now at £128 –

Facebook screenshot - £128 donatedLike Rock For Disability on Facebook, follow me on Twitter @P94Emma, follow me on Pinterest or use the Contact Form.


Thank you for visiting Rock For Disability! If you enjoy reading my blog content, please consider supporting me by donating money to help fund future blog posts. Plus 20% of each donation will go to disability charities! ♿️🎸🎶🎵🤑😍❤️



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