My summary of February 2019

This month has appeared to be more productive than I originally thought. In fact, I’ve been so busy, I had to publish this summary a week later than planned. Freelance Work These past few weeks, I’ve been deep down in various freelance jobs for Disability Horizons and AccessAble: I wrote an article at Disability Horizons… Continue reading My summary of February 2019

5 Recommended game skills on Amazon Alexa

Due to the popularity of this post with over 200 views, I thought I would share it again and include a new favourite game of mine. Please keep reading to find out more: I have had my Amazon Alexa for 21 months now and it has been a tremendous lifeline for me. Plus very entertaining!… Continue reading 5 Recommended game skills on Amazon Alexa

Assistive Tech Tips: Part 1 – 10 accessible gadgets for people with sight loss

In part 1 of the Assistive Tech Tips series, Emma recommends accessible gadgets people who are blind or isually impaired can use in their homes.