Music Interviews: 2019 roundup

This year I’ve continued my music interview feature on this blog where i ask a series of questions to various bands and artists who are eager to gain more publicity and for you to discover new music.

Below is a roundup of all the interviews I conducted in 2019:

1. The Scared Crows

My first music interview of 2019 is with American rock trio The  Scared Crows

The Scared Crows

Read: Music Interview: The Scared Crows

2. S. Peace Nistades

For this weeks music interview, I’m introducing you to rather different style of music which is more artistic and likely to be heard in film scores and soundtracks. Please welcome composer S. Peace Nistades.

S. Peace Nistades

Read: Music Interview: S. Peace Nistades

3. Life Underfoot

This week I give you a short introduction and brief interview with American band Life Underfoot:

Life Underfoot

Read: Music Interview: Life Underfoot

4. Lovesick Radio

This week we are joined on a musical journey and speak to the members of American rock n’ roll band Lovesick Radio:

Lovesick Radio

Read: Music Interview: Lovesick Radio

5. The King of Mars

Today I welcome you The King of Mars; an American band with a modern twist on the old school sound of rock n’ roll. This is definitely my favourite new music discovery of the year so far:

The King of Mars

Read: Music Interview: The King of Mars

6. Kurt Riley

Today I want to introduce you to American musician Kurt Riley who has given us a detailed, emotive and humorous interview about his life, bandmates and music.

Kurt Riley

Read Music Interview: Kurt Riley

7. Gnostic Gorilla

Here is a brief introduction to Canadian band Gnostic Gorilla:

Gnostic Gorilla

Read: Music Interview: Gnostic Gorilla

8. Threatpoint

Today I am introducing you to the creative, positive and groovy thrash metal sound of  American band , Threatpoint:


Read: Music Interview: Threatpoint

9. Shattered

Today I want to introduce to you Florida based heavy metal band, Shattered:


Read: Music Interview: Shattered

10. SUE

If you’re looking for loud, noisy, heavy and thumping rock music, then say hello to Birmingham based band, SUE:


Read: Music Interview: SUE

11. Avalanche

We’re heading to the rock n’ roll scene down under this week to introduce you to Avalanche:


Read: Music Interview: Avalanche

12. The Radio Broadcast

This week I’ve had the opportunity to interview American electronic duo The Radio Broadcast:

The Radio Broadcast

Read: Music Interview: The Radio Broadcast

If you’re in a band or a musician and would like to appear on this blog in 2020, please contact me and I’ll forward you an interview template.

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