Live Music Reviews: 2019 Roundup

2019 has been a busy year with my workload and other personal commitments. Therefore I haven’t managed to exceed the number of live music events I attended in 2018. However, this year it is all about the quality and not the quantity of live music.

Here is my Live Music Reviews: 2019 roundup –

1. Snow Patrol

Following the release of their latest album Wildness in May 2018, Snow Patrol are back on the road after a 7 year hiatus. Saturday 26th January was their only, and sold out, night at The O2 Arena in London. They opened the show in spectacular style with three classic tracks; Take Back the City, Chocolate…

Snowflake on stage at The O2

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2. Matilda the Musical

Without giving away too many spoilers, the performance was spectacular. It was full of excitement, energy and emotion throughout. The whole cast were incredible with outstanding stage presence plus talented in all areas of acting, singing and dancing.

Matilda the Musical

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3. Killer Queen

Killer Queen are a Queen tribute band who formed in 1993. Patrick Myers, who performs as Freddie Mercury, created the band with friends after they realised people of their generation and beyond will never get to see the full Queen play live following Freddie’s death in 1991. They originally thought they would last one summer but their popularity grew and they are now said to be the world’s best ever tribute band, performing in the UK, Europe and USA and selling out the same arenas as Queen.

Killer Queen

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4. Spice Girls

“Shake it to the left, did I have a good time? Shake it to the right, did I have a good time? Shake it to the front, did I have a good time?” – Yes I did!

Spice Girls

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5. Bon Jovi

On Friday 21st June, American rock legends Bon Jovi took centre stage at Wembley Stadium for the first time in several years. The entire show was “Absolute Perfection!”

Bon Jovi

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6. The Who

British rock legends The Who performed at Wembley Stadium on Saturday for the first time in 30 years.

The Who

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