Music Interview: Threatpoint

Today I am introducing you to the creative, positive and groovy thrash metal sound of  American band , Threatpoint:


Band Name: Threatpoint

Members: CJ Krukowski (Drums), Chris James (Vocals), Alex Olivetti (Guitar), Sam Young (Bass) & Greg Baczmarga (Guitar).

Genre: Groove/Thrash Metal

Founded: March 2012

Originated From: Scranton, Pennsylvania, USA

Discography: Dead to Rise, Careful What You Wish For, RIP, Road Less Traveled(acoustic EP), Salvation


How would you describe your music?

Heavy and aggressive. We try to cover a lot of bases when we write. Our songs have groove, thrash and even more traditional hard rock elements. We’re still expanding our sound; our new album Salvation contains more clean vocals and clean musical pieces than we’ve had in the past. From a lyrical persepective we always stay positive. Having uplifting lyrics over heavy music has a great impact.

How did the band form?

We had all played in bands and knew each other from playing shows. Sam, CJ and Alex were in a band that played with Chris’s old band, so had known each other for a few years. We formed Threatpoint after our respective bands had broken up back in 2012. We had known Greg from playing out as well, he just joined the band late last year.

Who influenced you within the music industry?

A wide range of bands have influenced us as musicians; everything from The Doors to Cannibal Corpse. We like to bring in our different influences, it helps round out our sound. We all enjoy music outside of the rock/metal world as well.

Have you performed live much and what was your favourite gig to play at?

Yea, we’ve been playing out consistently for about 6 years, we’ve done tours all across the United States. We’ve had a lot of really good ones. If we had to pick one, it would be an event we played at called Annihilation Fest down in Lynchburg, Virginia back in 2014. The venue was packed, the bands were top notch and the people were some of the friendliest we ever met. That was the furthest we had ever been at the time and the response we got was unreal. We developed a good following down there from that show and still play there consistently.

What is the best thing about being in a band?

The love of music whether it be writing, recording or performing. It’s awesome to be able to create music and develop an identity with a group of other like minded musicians. It’s also a lot of fun to travel and see new places we probably would never have been otherwise.

What plans have you got coming up this year?

We recently signed to Voodoo Queen Management, I think we will have some great opportunities on the horizon working with them in terms of shows and promotion. We will also be playing Canada for the first time this year! Our new album Salvation was just released so we’ll working on adding more of the new songs and playing them at our live shows.


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