Music Interview: The Radio Broadcast

This week I’ve had the opportunity to interview American electronic duo The Radio Broadcast:


Band Name: The Radio Broadcast

Members: Michael (Keys/Synth/Sounds/Samples/Loops) & Kristin (Vocals/Keys)

Genre: Live Electronic

Founded: September 2008 (Live: October 2009)

Originated From: Bowling Green, Ohio, USA

Discography: TRB (EP) & ARRIVED (EP)


1. How would you describe your music?

This is an excellent question and we can only describe what we want to project but in reality it is up to the listener to describe our style. We have always been stumped by this question becasue we do not feel we are one certain style. We perform a variety of electronic styles of music because we enjoy a variety of music. We have created tracks that are more synthwave or synthpop sounding and we have created tracks that are more wichhouse, trap, and dub influenced. We do not create with one sound or one style in mind we create by what we feel and not all creations are intended to be released on an album. With electronic music it is very easy to find a groove and a sound that works and just stick with it. We do not work like that. We do not want all of our music to sound the same. We try to stay fresh and current and we are continuously evolving and experimenting with new sounds and ideas. So for us to label our selves as one particular style is quite difficult for us.

2. How did the band form?

We met in a tattoo shop in Ohio 2005 and started playing music together in 2008 and formed TRB in 2009. Michael grew up playing drums in punk bands and Kristin grew up playing the piano but at the time when we met neither of us were involved in anything musically. We had both wanted to create our own punk band but realised after purchasing a guitar neither of us knew how to play nor had the time or patcience to learn so we stuck with what we knew, drums and keys. Over the years our sound and style has changed along with the overall setup of the equipment we use. Our style is always evolving

3. Who influenced you within the music industry?

There is a lot of inspiration and musical influence to be found in the world and for us as far a music goes there are two major electronic groups that have stuck out the most and helped shape our minds to develope the sounds of The Radio Broadcast and that would be Crystal Castles and INNERPARTYSYSTEM. We love the DIY approach IPS takes when it comes to stage lighting and we love their heavy and raw electronic feel. With CC they come across sort of mysterious. We love their punk attitude in the electronic scene. We reallylike their lofi gritty electronic sounds. We study these bands and many others to try and better ourselves as a band. We try to align ourselves with similar sounding artists but we do our best to remind ourselves that other bands and musicians are just like you and I and to tune into them as a reference or inspiration and not as a guide. But as crazy as life can get it is always a good idea to take a step back and take a little time out and emerce yourself in nature and tune in to the frequencies of the planet, clear your mind, and realign yourself. Once your mind is clear and your body is well tuned it will be a lot easier for your creative ideas to flow into more comprehensive complete ideas.

4. Have you performed live much and what was your favourite gig to play at?

We have played a lot of live shows over the years. Some shows were definitely not the greatest and others were some of the best in many different ways. We can have a good show where there are a lot of people there and we can have a good show where on our end everything flowed and synced so seamless. Our favourite gig would have been the worst for one of the other acts on the bill. Its all about perspective. We have played a lot of really good events its difficult to say wich was our favourite. But we can say that our 2016 tour was one of the best experiences we have had yet!

5. What is the best thing about being in a band?

The best thing about being in a band is being able to connect musically with other like minded individuals. Music is another language and life style for sure! To be able to express your feelings musically and have another musician be able to comprehend and then add to the expression with their own thoughts is pretty amazing. It seems pretty simple but it really isn’t. All musicians know what it is like to work with others that don’t groove right or to work with others and everything magically syncs and falls into place. Such a rewarding feeling.

6. What plans have you got coming up this year?

We are currently working on an album that we are hoping to start releasing by the beginning of fall. We also have some videos in the works, a New stage setup and a tour for later in the year as well.


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