Music Interviews: 2018 roundup

Earlier this year I began a music interview feature on this blog where i ask a series of questions to various bands and artists who are eager to gain more publicity and for you to discover new music.

Below is a roundup of all the interviews I conducted in 2018:

1. The Sourheads

As promised, I have begun a music interview feature, sourcing out the best, new, upcoming and growing talents of rock and guitar based bands and artists for you to discover and enjoy. To open this new chapter in my blog, I present to you – The Sourheads!….

The Sourheads

Read: The Sourheads

2. Hail the Hatter

Today I want introduce you to a Caribbean rock band, Hail the Hatter:….

Hail the Hatter

Read: Hail the Hatter

3. Calling All Astronauts

For this blog post, I’ve had great pleasure in interviewing alternative rock group Calling All Astronauts:….

Calling All Astronauts

Read: Calling All Astronauts

4. Krista D

For this music interview, I have the joy of introducing to you Canadian artist, Krista D:….

Krista D

Read: Krista D

5. Molly Grue

For my last music interview, I introduced you to Krista Acheson from Krista D. Now she is back with another solo project by the name of Molly Grue. Krista spoke to me about this new project:….

Molly Grue

Read: Molly Grue

6. Tarah Who?

Have you ever wondered what the aspects of being a musician are, what the true meaning of talent is and what it’s like to perform in a rock band at a strip club? Well you can find it all out here and much more in my interview with American band Tarah Who?:….

Tarah Who?

Read: Tarah Who?

7. Rozu

October has exploded onto the scene and I want to open it in hardcore style and introduce to you American band Rozu:….


Read: Rozu

8. Scant Regard

Scant Regard is a British solo musician with a unique style of, and I quote, “twanging artrock with fuckazoidal tendencies”. It has similarities to the likes of The Prodigy, Pendulum and Muse….

Sant Regard with guitar

Read: Scant Regard

9. Cinders

This week I want to introduce to you American 6-piece band Cinders. In this interview they share their dreams coming true, their connections and love for their fans plus their favourite memory of performing live at a 4th of July festival!


Read: Cinders


This week we are discovering the rock, rhythm and blues from Brazilian artist EDGARD.




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