Music Review: Numb Killer by Tarah Who?

Brace for impact with Tarah Who?’s explosive new release, Numb killer.The female fronted power trio dives into the anger and pain caused by the recent terrorist attacks and the conditions that have given rise to those who are truly numb-killers. The new track’s hyper-drive guitar, hard-hitting drums and bass assault collide into a brutal, blunt… Continue reading Music Review: Numb Killer by Tarah Who?

Music Interviews: 2018 round up

Earlier this year I began a music interview feature on this blog where i ask a series of questions to various bands and artists who are eager to gain more publicity and for you to discover new music. Below is a roundup of all the interviews I conducted in 2018: 1. The Sourheads As promised,… Continue reading Music Interviews: 2018 round up

Music Interview: Tarah Who?

Have you ever wondered what the aspects of being a musician are, what the true meaning of talent is and what it’s like to perform in a rock band at a strip club? Well you can find it all out here and much more in my interview with American band Tarah Who?: _______________________________ Band Name:… Continue reading Music Interview: Tarah Who?