Music Interviews: 2018 roundup

Earlier this year I began a music interview feature on this blog where i ask a series of questions to various bands and artists who are eager to gain more publicity and for you to discover new music. Below is a roundup of all the interviews I conducted in 2018: 1. The Sourheads As promised,… Continue reading Music Interviews: 2018 roundup

Music Interview: Molly Grue

For my last music interview, I introduced you to Krista Acheson from Krista D. Now she is back with another solo project by the name of Molly Grue. Krista spoke to me about this new project: ____________________________________________________________ Band Name: Molly Grue Members: Krista Acheson (singer/songwriter) + various musicians Genre: Soft Rock Founded: 2017 Originated From… Continue reading Music Interview: Molly Grue

Music Interview: Krista D

For this music interview, I have the joy of introducing to you Canadian artist, Krista D:   ____________________________________________________________ Artists Name: Krista D Members: Krista Acheson (Singer-Songwriter and instrumental composer) Various Musician collaborations – Scott McKinley (Guitar and Bass), Chris Colepaugh (Guitar and Bass), Mike Bourgeois (Heavy Guitar), Joel Spanky Gray (Trumpet), Don Berner (Saxophone), Alden… Continue reading Music Interview: Krista D