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For this music interview, I have the joy of introducing to you Canadian artist, Krista D:



Artists Name: Krista D

Members: Krista Acheson (Singer-Songwriter and instrumental composer)

Various Musician collaborations – Scott McKinley (Guitar and Bass), Chris Colepaugh (Guitar and Bass), Mike Bourgeois (Heavy Guitar), Joel Spanky Gray (Trumpet), Don Berner (Saxophone), Alden Lowery (Tuba), Danny Bourgeois (Drums) & Stew Kirkwood (Drums)

Genre: Punk Rock/Ska/Doo-wop/powerpop

Founded: 1995

Originated From: Nash Creek, New Brunswick. Canada

Discography: Blind (LP), Janes’ World (LP), Land Mine (single) & Look at me… I’m Krista D (EP)


1.How would you describe your music?

It really perky but lyrically it’s a bit dark. A radio DJ recently described it as “bouncy, but muscular”. With this project my intention is to candy-coat some of the heavier subject matter using lighter musical treatment.

2.How did the project form?

I discovered I had a knack for songwriting when I was around 13. I overheard my father playing a riff on the guitar; a melody and lyrics formed in my mind, so I jotted it down and sang it to him. He was impressed and encouraged me to continue writing. I ended up recording my first album at 16 and have been recording music on and off ever since. I’m recently back into it after an extended hiatus; I’d been mainly focused on my career as a visual artist up until about 2015-16.

3.Who influenced you within the music industry?

No one in particular- but that’s mainly because my earliest access to music was very limited so I never developed the relationship to music and performers that most people have. Growing up in a charismatic christian home, I was rarely able to listen to anything apart from religious music and that restriction seems to have been so formative that, even now, I am still admittedly not a large consumer of music; I’m mainly still hung up on 80’s music. I did, however, when I was young, listen to a radio program called Finklemans’ 45s; it was a weekly radio program featuring hits from the 50’s 60’s and early 70’s. I often credit that as the source of some of the musical genre elements I’ve incorporated into this project. The doo-wops and bop-bops especially.

4.Have you performed live much and what was your favourite gig to play at?

I used to perform live fairly often, but when I moved across Canada to Alberta, from New Brunswick, it was difficult to meet up with musicians to play live with. Although it was admittedly a huge downer, and one of the main reason I just dropped music entirely after moving here, it did eventually bring me to the point where I decided to stop trying to wrangle musicians together and became more self sufficient. So, my favorite gig was actually the one I played in March, which was also my first time back on stage after 10 years or so. What I did was: I set up mannequins as my band. I made them band shirts, I hung instruments on them, taped drum sticks to my “drummers'” hands and just performed karaoke style with them . Easiest show I ever played.

5. What is the best thing about being a singer-songwriter?

I think the best thing about it is, that it affords me a different manner of self expression apart from my visual art. I spend a lot of time in solitude- sculpting and painting; music definitely forces me to engage with people more, so that’s just a positive thing for me in general.

6.What plans have you got coming up in the coming year?

I have a solo show in June and an artist residency that begins in July but, in regards to music, I’m hoping to begin booking a small tour for the fall to promote this EP. Otherwise, I’m currently working on recording music for two other music projects as well as I’m working on two music videos. I’m essentially just juggling art and music projects- fitting in what I can, when I can.

Krista D

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