Music Interview: Scant Regard

Scant Regard is a British solo musician with a unique style of, and I quote, “twanging artrock with fuckazoidal tendencies”. It has similarities to the likes of The Prodigy, Pendulum and Muse.


Artist Name: Scant Regard

Member: Will Crewdson

Genre: Industro-surftronica

Founded: September 2011

Originated From: Islington, London, UK



  • Burnt Pop Cycles
  • In a Primitive State of Neurotic Irresponsibility
  • The Lone Rager Plus Ultra
  • Brush with Death
  • Skipping Over Damaged Area

E.P’sBurl Ives’ Ghost

  • Live on Loaded TV
  • Play Loud


How would you describe your music?

Soundtrack influenced electronic based surf twanging artrock with fuckazoidal tendencies.

How did you become a musician?

I started playing solo shows in 2011 when I didn’t have a band to play in. At the time I thought the obvious solution was to do everything myself after years of touring with other people. It seems to work well and I’ve been doing it ever since alongside playing guitar with other people like Adam Ant, The Selecter and Rachel Stamp.

Who influenced you within the music industry?

My greatest influence is Joe Strummer, who told me to my face “my wife thinks you’re gonna be massive – she’s never wrong”. I’m still trying to make him proud!

Have you performed live much and what was your favourite gig to play at?

Yes all over London and a few in LA and one in Berlin. That was the best one. The German audience loved it and went crazy. I need to get out there again.

What is the best thing about being a musician?

For me it’s about being able to express myself in a way that no other medium or process can do. The best part of it is playing live and getting an instant reaction to that.

What plans have you got coming up in the next year?

I’m working on my 6th album and I just put out an EP of cover versions to compliment the last album Skipping Over Damaged Area which came out a few months ago. I’ve been adding those tracks to my recent set lists and they seem to work well alongside my stuff. I’m just about to do a west coast US tour with The Selecter and I’ll be playing The Redwood Bar in L.A on one of my days off from that (Nov 12th). Then I have another Scant Regard gig in London on Dec 7th at the Hope and Anchor. I’m finishing off the year playing two gigs at the Roundhouse with Adam Ant. Next year – more of the same!

Scant Regard


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