Album Review: Wildness by Snow Patrol

After 7 long years of silence, Snow Patrol are finally back with a new album. Wildness is a therapeutic masterpiece; full of love, emotion, mindfulness, thankfulness, reconnecting, letting go and natural beauty.

Lead singer, Gary Lightbody, expresses his battle with depression, his acceptance of his Father having dementia, the social changes in the modern world and enjoying the simplicity of life, all in this 10 track record.

The album opens with Life On Earth, which illustrates the beginning of life and as life goes on, it won’t be what you first hoped but “this is something else”. It won’t destroy you but it is how things happen on earth and to just accept life for what it is. This track has a similar melodic feel as Elbow’s One Day Like This.

There is a similar feeling with the second track, and first single to come off the album, Don’t Give In. Life can be difficult and tough but you have to keep going and battle your problems.

As well as the powerful guitar riffs and drumming, there is also piano keys and strings within some tracks. What If This Is All The Love You Ever Get, is a stripped back song of piano and Gary’s vocals. It is an emotional song that focuses on appreciating the love from friends and family and that love is not just about having a boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife. Another emotional track is Soon, which is about Gary’s Father eventually losing his memory to dementia and no matter what he will always be his son. It has a nice mixture of guitar, drums and strings which signifies coming together and the celebration of their relationship.

There are three tracks that have a pop element to them; Heal Me, A Dark Switch & A Youth Written In Fire. They have good catchy rhythms, great to dance to and will work well in a mainstream environment. Plus they will flow nicely when the band support Ed Sheeran this month.

My favourite track on this album has to be Empress. It has strong guitar riffs, upbeat drumming and great sing-along lyrics. I first saw it performed on Jools Holland’s Show on BBC2 and immediately fell in love with it. The song supports and empathises with the young generation of today, how they have more of a voice and having people reconnect with each other. It inspires people to be who they are, express themselves and make life become more simplier.

The two final tracks, Wild Horse & Life and Death are the best to close the album. They have great clapping rhythms and lyrics that you’ll continue singing after the album ends. Plus they will be great to perform at festivals and have the crowd sing and clap along. In addition, the very ending of Life and Death, reminds me of the ending to ELO’s Mr Blue Sky where they say “Please turn me over”.

Overall, Snow Patrol have definitely returned in exceptional style and there is not a single negative thing to say about this album. It ticks all the boxes and more. I can’t wait to see them perform on their UK tour in January 2019.

Wildness is available to buy, download and stream!

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2 thoughts on “Album Review: Wildness by Snow Patrol

  1. Brilliant review. Can’t wait to listen to it on an old fashioned CD!!