10 Engaging Disability And Mental Health Blog Posts

As a blogger, it is not all about the writing but the reading too. Reading other peoples blogs is a great way of communicating with like-minded people, learn new things & gain advice and also creates encouragement, fascination and new ideas for future blogs. Therefore I would like to share 10 blog posts relating to disability and mental health. Some of these blog posts are more recent and others from a while ago:

1. Marty Festo Global Inclusion Personal Growth by Martyn Sibley

Martyn Sibley is a blogger, co-founder of Disability Horizons, author, businessman, disabled activist and has a passion for travelling the world. He has Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) and was voted 3rd most influential disabled person in The Disability Power 100 list 2016. In this post, Martyn shares his life goals, encourages others to create their own goals and explains that although there will continue to be difficulties for disabled people within society, we should be thankful for what we already have and fulfil our lives and appreciate what is already accessible to the disabled population.

Read: Marty Festo Global Inclusion Personal Growth

2. My Flat Ass: What Disability Means To Me by Lorna

This blog is called Gin & Lemonade and created by a young lady named Lorna. She has Cerebral Palsy (CP) and is a wife and mother. In this post, she discusses how it is not her condition or wheelchair that makes her disabled but the attitudes and lack of access and resources she needs to live a normal life. She explains she, plus other disabled people, don’t want sympathy or prayed for but merely some empathy and acceptance of their disability and have places accommodate for them.

Read: My Flat Ass: What Disability Means To Me

3. The Effects of Positive Thinking by Confidence First

Confidence First is a blog that shares stories of mental health and addictions. This post focuses on the effects of positive thinking and advises readers that working on positive thinking can bring good things, motivate you to achieve your goals and accomplish daily tasks but also that you are allowed to express negative emotions at times.

Read: The Effects of Positive Thinking

4. Using Mobility Aids When You Have An Invisible Illness by Pippa

Pippa was diagnosed with a chronic illness called Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME) while at university. She now blogs about her condition and love of theatre in Life Of Pippa. This post looks at what it is like to use a wheelchair when having an invisible disability and how she is judge in society.

Read: Using Mobility Aids When You Have An Invisible Illness

5. 5 Ways My Autistic Son Is A Typical Teenager by Michelle

As well as disabled people writing blogs, relatives of disabled people also write blogs about their disabled relatives. Michelle writes a blog called Rockin Radom Mom, where she shares stories on her favourite music, creative writing and her two sons; one with autism and the other with ADHD. This post describes the ways her autistic son can still behave like any normal teenager.

Read: 5 Ways My Autistic Son Is A Typical Teenager

6. The Language Of Visual Impairment by Glen

Glen is a visually impaired blogger who writes the blog Well Eye Never. In this blog post, he debates how people with sight loss should address their condition (eg blind, registered blind, visually impaired or partially sighted) and mentions how friends and family describe his sight loss.

Read: The Language Of Visual Impairment

7. How I Cured My Anxiety by Leo

Leo (a.k.a The Nerdy Lion) is a blogger who niches in anxiety & depression and shares useful blogging tips. In this post he explains how he cured his own anxiety, adding wit and humour to the piece, and giving advice to others in similar situations.

Read: How I Cured My Anxiety

8. I’m a Monkey…. by The One Armed Wonder

The One Armed Wonder is a blog run by a woman with only one arm. In this blog post, she discusses the way to describe her disability to young children in a fun, humorous and creative way that they can understand.

Read: I’m a Monkey….

9. An Initiative To Sensitize Society About People With Disabilities by Divya Sharma

Divya Sharma is a blogger with a visual impairment. She carries out presentations across mainstream schools to raise awareness for people with disabilities, showing the importance of inclusion and demonstrate the technology used by visually impaired people to work and study independently.

Read: An Initiative To Sensitize Society About People With Disabilities

10. Interview – ‘The Undateables’ Steve Carruthers by Carrie

Carrie runs her own blog Life On The Slow Lane and has Ullrich Congenital Muscular Dystrophy (UCMD). As well as writing blog posts about her own life, she also interviews other people within disability society. This blog post is an interview with Steve Carrethers who appeared on the Channel 4 documentary, The Undateables.

Read: Interview – ‘The Undateables’ Steve Carruthers

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