73 questions with Emma Purcell

Emma shares some fun facts and information about herself by taking on the 73 questions series. Read on to find out her favourite number, pet peeve, phobia plus much more

My summary of June 2019

June has been the most exciting and entertaining month of the year so far: Disability Horizons As always, my workload at Disability Horizons continues to pile up nicely. i’ve had a few articles published this month. In fact, I hit a milestone of 30 articles, plus my additional sponsored pieces which is amazing! I’m still… Continue reading My summary of June 2019

My Secret Love of Football

My favourite season of the year has arrived: the football season. Firstly, to those of you who know me personally, I’m sorry to bring it up again. To those of you who despise football, I’m sorry to mention it. To those who love football, enjoy this post. My love of football began as a young… Continue reading My Secret Love of Football