Becoming a freelance journalist

We all make decisions on a daily basis; what to eat, what to wear, what to watch on TV, what to do this weekend and so on. Then there are bigger decisions such as should I go to university, where to live, whether to get married, have children etc. For me, these past 12 months… Continue reading Becoming a freelance journalist


5 favourite TV theme tunes

I love music in a variety of different platforms; from live music to film soundtracks. Another type of music I enjoy is TV theme tunes. They bring joy, humour and are entertainment. Plus they illustrate the genre and stories of the TV shows they are designed for. Here are my 5 favourite TV theme tunes:… Continue reading 5 favourite TV theme tunes

Album Review: Duck by Kaiser Chiefs

Last week, Leeds indie rockers, Kaiser Chiefs, released their seventh studio album Duck. It is a masterpiece, full of energy, excitement, power and passion. The first three tracks People Know How to Love One Another, Golden Oldies & Wait are absolute belters; upbeat, positive and feel-good. This feeling continues into other tracks including the first… Continue reading Album Review: Duck by Kaiser Chiefs