September & October 2020 summary: Exclusive interviews, eye surgery and Question Time series

Welcome back blog summaries after an 8-week hiatus. September & October 2020 has consisted of exclusive interviews, eye surgery, two weeks of non-stop films, TV, podcasts & audiobooks and the launch of a new guest blog series.

Disability Horizons

My work at Disability Horizons continues to be bigger and better than ever before. My interviews with Ade Adepitan, Steve Brown and Alex Brooker have now been published (see below).

I also conducted an interview with Allan Parton, a Navy veteran who was the owner of the most famous assistance dog Endal, which will be published next month.

Moreover, I have a list of another 15 people I’m hoping to interview over the next few months, but for now I’m keep it a secret – stay tuned.

In addition, I’ve published six news stories and a featured article on disability hate crime, which you can read in my blog round up below.

Plus, I assisted in uploading more products to the Disability Horizons Shop.


As I mentioned back in August, I was scheduled to have routine eye surgery in September. I had the procedure and overall it went well, but the day itself was stressful, but I won’t bore you with the details here.

On the plus side, the recovery time was better than previous years and I got to enjoy two weeks relaxation with no work commitments.


Over my two-week break and the month of October, I’ve enjoyed a variety of films, box sets, podcasts and audiobooks.

I binge watched the Harry Potter films and re-read the Harry Potter books for the trillionth time.

I also watched the Toy Story series, Hangover trilogy, Ted, The Invention of Lying Old Yeller, The News Boys, American Pie and many more.

I’ve recently become hooked to the streaming service All4. I binged watched The Inbetweeners and currently going through Don’t Tell The Bride from 2007. I’ve also started watching the new series of Taskmaster since it moved to Channel 4 from Dave and it’s really funny and thoroughly entertaining.

In addition, I’ve been watching the box set of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, which I’ve never properly seen before. I’m currently halfway through series 2 and loving it.

I’ve also continued listening to The Chris Moyles Show on Radio X podcast and Chris and Rosie Ramsey’s podcast Shagged, Married, Annoyed, which has also been made into a book of the same title that is hilarious.

Plus, I’ve begun reading Ant & Dec’s autobiography Once Upon A Tyne.

Audio Description petition

Although I’m loving All4 at the moment, it still frustrates me that I can only access audio description on my iPad and not my Smart TV. Therefore, we need to continue fighting for AD on all films, TV shows and streaming services.

Since August 2020, we’ve reached 216 more people and the petition has a total of 1,902 signatures.

But I’m eager to reach thousands more. The more signatures we get, the more likely changes could be made within the TV & films industries. Please, please, PLEASE continue to sign & share my petition!

Guest Bloggers Wanted

I’m still eager to collaborate with even more bloggers in 2020. So, if you’re a lifestyle, disability and/or music blogger, send me your blog stories. Plus let me know if you’d like me to feature on your blog as a guest blogger.

I’m flexible with any type of blog posts; life story, disability awareness, music event, musician promotion – basically anything to do with life, disability or music!

In addition, I’ve launched a new guest blog series called “RFD Question Time with…” where I interview disabled people and/or bloggers. I’ve already featured fellow bloggers Gemma Orton and Simon Sansome, which you can read below.

If you would like to feature in my “RFD Question Time with…” series or publish an original guest post, please contact me.


It’s been a long time since I gave an update on blog donations. So far this year we’ve raised a total of £145.

Thank you to everyone who has donated. Please continue to donate over the next couple of months and 20% will go to a worthy charity at the end of the year.

Blog post roundup

In case you missed any of my blog posts these past couple of months, here is a roundup of them:

  1. Music Interview: DOCKSUNS
  2. DH News: Social distancing signs to help you stay safe as a disabled person
  3. Joanne Roughton-Arnold: visually impaired violinist, opera singer and founder of FormidAbility
  4. DH News: Influential voices in the disability community reflect on Life After Lockdown
  5. Bloggers – Share Your Links
  6. Ade Adepitan on his wheelchair basketball career and becoming a television presenter and author
  7. Music Interview: Ali in the Jungle
  8. Steve Brown: Paralympic wheelchair rugby player and television presenter
  9. RFD Question Time with Gemma Orton at Wheelescapades
  10. Music Interview: Demi the Daredevil
  11. Living with Acute Retinal Nerosis
  12. DH News: Disabled contestants competing on Strictly and Bake Off 2020
  13. Twenty Questions with – Emma Purcell
  14. Music Interview: Venus Fly Trap
  15. DH News: Strictly Amy: Crohn’s and Me – A documentary about dancer Amy Dowden living with Crohn’s disease
  16. DH News: BBC broadcaster Nikki Fox recognised as most influential disabled person in Power 100 list 2020
  17. I Can’t See
  18. Alex Brooker: disabled journalist, comedian and co-host on The Last Leg
  19. Music Interview: Esteban
  20. RFD Question Time with Simon Sansome at Ability Access
  21. Disabled people experience more disability hate crime in public than online
  22. DH News: Disabled Actors Joined by Corrie Star Cherylee Houston for Lockdown Play

10 favourite blog posts

Here are my 10 favourite blog posts I’ve read these past couple of months: 

  1. Accepting a new normal by Kerry Thompson
  2. The hedonic treadmill of chronic illness by Pippa Stacey at Life of Pippa
  3. Covid-19: We’re all in this together – until we aren’t by Kirsty | Guest blog on Invisibly Me
  4. I Don’t Need To Get Over It: Disability and Toxic Positivity by Lorna at Gin & Lemonade
  5. Ways To Live Positively with a visual impairment by Emily Davison at Fashioneyesta
  6. The Significant Role My Family Plays in Supporting My Blog by Georgia Vine at Not So Terrible Palsy
  7. Coping Better on Painful Days by Enjoying Good Memories at Despite Pain
  8. Representation in Media by Martyn Sibley
  9. How I became more confident in talking about my vision impairment by Elin at My Blurred World
  10. My Completed Journey with Eyesight at Horse Spirit’s Journal
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3 thoughts on “September & October 2020 summary: Exclusive interviews, eye surgery and Question Time series

  1. Sounds like you’re rocking Disability Horizons! Busy but positive times, indeed. I’m glad your eye surgery went well – you’d never ‘bore’ us with the details! I just wish it wasn’t as stressful for you, but it’s reassuring the recovery period was a little more manageable. 🌻

    All4 is pretty good, and all the better when it’s free! I read that Channel 4 have had really good profits this year thanks in part to their on demand service online, so there must be lots of people using it.

    What a fantastic blog post round-up! Thank you for including me – that guest post from Kirsty on my blog was brilliant, she made such good points. I also loved Liz’s post at Despite Pain, but then again I adore all of her posts!

    I hope November (yikes, can’t believe I’m writing that) goes smoothly for you, with lots of good things but plenty of rest too. Sending hugs,

    Caz xxx

  2. Aw that’s very kind of you to ask me – Sure, I’d be honoured to! The only thing I’d be a bit worried about is that I can’t catch up with things at the moment so I’m not sure when I’ll get responses back to you. If you’re not in a rush then that would be great, I just don’t want to let you down. Drop me an email any time if you’d like to lovely ( 🤗 xx