I Can’t See

I Can’t See is a poem I wrote at school when I was 13 years old and still adjusting tomy eye condition Acute Retinal Necrosis.

Although I feel it’s not my best written work and the vocabulary and grammar is rather basic, this poem has a sentimental value and highlights what life was, and sometimes still is, like as a registered blind person.

I Can’t See

[VIDEO DESCRIPTION: Montage of images – Emma’s eyes, examples of Emma’s vision in blurred images, Emma at a weeding, Emma at a concert, Emma in a football strip, chocolate truffles and flowers.]

Image of document with an earth border - I Can’t See. I can’t see the paper, I can’t see then pen. I can’t see the whiteboard, Behind my teacher’s head. I can’t see the furniture, I can’t see the sheets. I can’t see the children, Sitting on their seats. I can’t see the sunshine, I can’t see the clouds. I can’t see the playground, Where children mess around. I can’t see the pavement, I can’t see the cars. I can’t see the faces, Of people as they pass. I can see the darkness, I can feel the love. I can hear the noises Of people in the town. I can taste the chocolate, I can feel the air. I can smell the flowers, As they start to bloom. I can see and I can hear, I can smell and I can taste I can feel the world, Where I can be me. By Emma Purcell

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