Review: Spice Girls at Wembley Stadium (night 3)

DISCLAIMER: Now before all you hard core rock fans and those who like stating the obvious – Yes this blog is called “Rock” For Disability and the premises of my music feature is to write about rock music. The Spice Girls are a pop girl band and should not be appearing on this style of blog. However, I grew up as a child listening to Spice Girls, everyone is allowed a guilty pleasure and it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity. Plus as a music journalist, you sometimes need to write about different music genres!


Review: Spice Girls at Wembley Stadium (night 3)

Emma in zigazig ah T-shirt

“Shake it to the left, did I have a good time? Shake it to the right, did I have a good time? Shake it to the front, did I have a good time?” – Yes I did!

The atmosphere was electric, the view on the fifth floor balcony was incredible and the performance was fabulous.

Spice Girls exploded onto the stage in spectacular style opening with, as expected, Spice Up Your Life.

The show then continued with many more of the 90s girl band hits including; If U Can’t Dance, Who Do You Think You Are?, Something Kinda Funny, Viva Forever, Goodbye, Never Give Up On

The Good Times, Too Much, Say You’ll Be There & 2 Become 1.

I was also surprised to hear Do It & Let Love Lead the Way which I had never heard of. To be honest they did sound like filler album tracks.

They also performed a cover of Sister Sledge’s We Are Family which was great fun and has been known to be performed by them at their previous concerts 20 years ago.

Moreover, the four girls, Emma Bunton, Mel B, Mel C & Geri Halliwell, all did an improvisation piece where they sang a section of some of their well-known solo pieces including Geri’s It’s Raining Men. I also liked it when they were introducing the members of the band, and when the drummer was mentioned, he began doing the rhythm to Queen’s We Will Rock You – so there was a bit of rock within the show!

After the encore, the last three songs, as expected, were my all-time favourite; Stop, Mama & Wannabe.

I still remember doing the dance routine to Stop in the school playground age 5 – brought me back to my childhood!

There was a beautiful moment during Mama when the Spice Girls’ own children and mothers came onto stage to sing along with them. It was also really nice hearing my friend’s six-year-old daughter singing the song to her behind me.

Finally, they closed the show in amazing style with everybody’s favourite Spice Girls track Wannabe. It is such a jolly, catchy and crazy tune and it was awesome hearing 80,000 people singalong in unison across Wembley Stadium.

My only down points were the sound quality wasn’t great. It was really difficult to hear the lyrics and when the girls were speaking. Plus having the girls do several costume changes was quite irritating as it meant we had to sit and watch dancers, especially for me considering I can’t really see them. But I understand they like to make a show when it comes to pop music and not just perform the music.

Overall it was a great night out and a brilliant start to my 2019 summer of music.

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