Review: Bon Jovi at Wembley Stadium

On Friday 21st June, American rock legends Bon Jovi took centre stage at Wembley Stadium for the first time in several years. The entire show was “Absolute Perfection!”

They have been on my bucket list of bands to see live since I was a teenager and the extremely long wait was definitely worth it!

Emma in Jon Bon Jovi wig

They opened with their latest single This House Is Not For Sale, which was also the name of the tour.

They then continued to perform tracks from the old, the middle and the new. Every chord, note, riff, drum beat and lyric was full of power, emotion, love and joy. Jon and the rest of his band appeared so blessed and happy, smiling throughout.

Bon Jovi on stage with smiley faces banner

Every single song was performed perfectly but my highlights were definitely You Give Love a Bad Name, Keep the Faith, Amen, Bed of Roses, Lay Your Hands on Me & Bad Medicine.

Bon Jovi performing Bad Medicine with first aid crosses on the big screens

They of course played my all-time favourite song It’s My Life but I was surprised it wasn’t included after the encore.

The encore itself was a lengthy one with some gullible people leaving before the end. When the band did return to stage, they performed a beautiful version of Always and there was a spectacular display of phone torches twinkling across the stadium.

Bon Jovi then closed the show in dazzling style with their ultimate anthem Living on a Prayer.

The whole show was incredible with not a single negative point to make. The only thing I would say is I would’ve suggested a whole host of additional songs to their setlist including; Thank You for Loving Me, Save the World, One Wild Night, Blame it on the Love of Rock n’ Roll, If I Was Your Mother, I Want You, Little Bit of Soul, Because We Can plus probably many, many more. Basically I think they needed an all day concert to perform their entire back catalogue.

Overall it was a perfect night out and by far one of my top 5 favourite live music events!

Emma & Kristy wearing bandanas

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