Album Review: Duck by Kaiser Chiefs

Last week, Leeds indie rockers, Kaiser Chiefs, released their seventh studio album Duck. It is a masterpiece, full of energy, excitement, power and passion.

The first three tracks People Know How to Love One Another, Golden Oldies & Wait are absolute belters; upbeat, positive and feel-good.

This feeling continues into other tracks including the first single Record Collection, Electric Heart and my personal favourite, Don’t Just Stand There, Do Something, with its marching rhythm, which illustrates the frustration of the behaviour of today’s society.

The rest of the album consists of album fillers. Although still sound good, they aren’t as enjoyable or memorable as the others. The love ballad, Target Market, is a slow burner, highlighting how the internet has turned us into rabid consumers. The same can be said for Northern Holiday and Kurt vs. Fraiser (The Battle for Seattle). I wouldn’t say they’re bad songs, just not ones I hope to hear at the band’s next live show. Similarly, Lucky Shirt I wouldn’t expect to be a big hit but there is a rumour it could be the Kaiser Chiefs’ next single.

Overall, the opener to Duck is epic and they’ve improved from their failure electric pop album Stay Together of 2016.

Duck is available to buy, download and stream everywhere!

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