Album Review: Tranquility Base Hotel and Casino by Arctic Monkeys

Arctic Monkeys album cover

Following the big success and my love for their fifth album AM back in 2013, I was buzzing to hear the next instalment that was released last week.

I would describe their new album, Tranquility Base Hotel and Casino as a grower. It is a good solid alternative record but doesn’t have the buzzing excitement, crazy riffs and booming lyrics we are used to hearing from the Sheffield lads.

It is the kind of album you would listen to when chillaxing at home, soaking in the bath or sunbathing on the beach. The tracks all have the same rhythmic tone and melody as songs like 505 and Only Ones Who Know.

The opening track Star Treatment, I admit, did feel a disappointment on my first listen but after a few more times of hearing it, I really like the bass line and tune. The rest of the album includes the same musical style throughout.

Golden Trunks & She Looks Like Fun have the best guitar riffs throughout. Definitely have a more rock feel to them.

They also add dramatic spooky elements with the track Science Fiction which has the feel of a haunted house, supernatural activity or an alien invasion.

Additionally I cannot fault Alex Turners unique, strong and powerful vocals and lyrics.

I think this album would be great on an acoustic stage or played at small venues but not sure how it will sound at big venues and stadiums. I’m scheduled to see Arctic Monkeys live at the O2 Arena in London this September and curious to know how tracks from this album will sound on stage. However, I can imagine a lot of swaying arms and the arena filled with phone torches twinkling like stars. Stay tuned to find out when I post my “Review: Arctic Monkeys at The O2 Arena” later on this year.

Tranquility Base Hotel and Casino is available to buy, download and stream!

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  1. While I’m not really a fan of the Arctic Monkeys after their debut album, I do have to give the band major credit for always striving to create something new with each album. It may not always pay off but I can’t knock the innovation.

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