10 favourite film soundtracks

Music is not just in the charts, on the radio or at gigs and festivals. Another element of music I enjoy listening to is film soundtracks.

I love going to the cinema, I have a ridiculous collection of DVDs and nowadays I even discover films streamed online.

Since losing my sight (13 years ago this month!), I’ve appreciated the music that tells the stories in films. I like a combination of original scores and songs, well known tracks that fit well with the scene and even discover bands and artists when watching films.

In no particular order, here is a list of my 10 favourite film soundtracks.

[WARNING: I will be sharing my guilty pleasures, the odd cheesy musical and some childhood classics… very rock n’ roll]

1. Harry Potter

The Harry Potter soundtracks are the most well written and creative original music for a film franchise. From the memorable Hedwig’s Theme, the craziness of The Knight Bus to the deep, dark, dangerous sounds of the snake in Bathilda Bagshot’s house, the is soundtrack does illustrate the pure magic of the wizarding world.

In addition to the orchestral artwork throughout the Harry Potter series, there is also an extra sing along scene thanks to the famous wizarding rock band, The Weird Sisters. The male group (who consist of members from the muggle bands Pulp & Radiohead) perform Do the Hippogriff at the Yule Ball in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

2. The Little Mermaid

This is my favourite Disney film ever. I love the characters, the plot, the animation and, of course, the music. Part Of Your World is my favourite song. I find Jodi Benson’s vocals powerful and can relate to Ariel’s lyrics. Not in a literal sense that I want to leave the ocean as a mermaid and become human to marry a prince. But I relate to it by wishing I have the ability to walk and can live like any other able-bodied young woman.

3. Grease

This is a classic musical based in an American high school in the 1950’s. I don’t really remember when I first watched it but I remember my Dad saying he saw it several times at the cinema as a teenager. I also used this film as a case study as part of my A-Level coursework in Film Studies where I researched the representation of John Travolta in musicals, who plays Danny in Grease. My favourite song from this film is Summer Nights. I first learnt the song from a mixed cassette tape (yes I’m old enough to remember cassette tapes). Then at primary school, my teacher asked to borrow the tape so our year group could perform the song for our Golden Jubilee celebrations. Looking back on it now, I don’t know what links this song had to the Queen’s coronation but it was still great fun performing.

4. Daddy Day Care

This is my ultimate favourite film. It’s funny, chaotic and thoroughly entertaining. The film opens with 4 year old Ben getting out of bed, having a wee, brushing his teeth and wwalking downstairs; all while Walking on Sunshine by Katrina & The Waves is playing. It’s so simple yet so effective. It signifies the child eager to have a good day, be happy and, hopefully, have fun with his Dad. I also have fond memories of singing this song at my leavers assembly at primary school while waving paper sunflowers.

5. Shrek

This is a quadrilogy of animated films about an ogre called Shrek. They feature a variety of well known tracks and characters covering songs including I’m a believer, Livin’ La Vida Loca, Live and Let Die and even a karaoke dance party. The first film opens with a song called All Star. I initially thought it was an original track created for the film. However about 3 years ago, I heard the track played on the radio and discovered it was a song by a 90’s American rock band called Smash Mouth.

6. Twilight

Twilight is a quadrilogy of books written by Stephanie Myer all about the relationships between humans, vampires and wolves. The stories were made into 5 films. The films soundtracks have a mixture of original scores, well known tracks and covers. In the first film, the vampires play a game of baseball in a thunderstorm. In this scene they have Supermassive Blackhole by British rock band Muse. This song definitely illustrates the vampires strength, power and energy.

7. The Lion King

This is definitely my next favourite Disney film that also has incredible songs. The best song is Hakuna Matata. It really is such “a wonderful phrase” and it really “means no worries for the rest of your days”. The Lion King is also a theatre production and I hope one day I get to see it live.

8. The Greatest Showman

When I first saw this film advertised, it initially didn’t appeal to me. It looked like a strange film about circuses which I wasn’t interested in. Then a few months later, loads of people were raving about it and saying I should see it. So I did and loved it. Although he did create a circus, the main message of the film was excepting people for who they are and anyone can follow there dreams. The soundtrack is so successful it is still in the UK Top 10 album chart. The song This is Me is an inspirational song for all extraordinary people from all backgrounds and lifestyles.

9. Matilda

This film is a 90’s classic based on the book by Roald Dahl. This story is also a West End musical which I hope to see one day. There is a scene in the film where Matilda successfully figures out her magic powers and she is dancing round the room to the song Little, bitty, pretty one by Thurst and Harris. It a catchy and jolly song and shows even the cleverest children can still have some fun.

10. Rock Of Ages

This film is a musical about two young people trying to make it in the music industry in L.A. They cover a variety of rock songs including Paradise City, Here I Go Again and I Wanna Rock. The final song to close the film is a cover of The Journey’s Don’t Stop Believin’. And no it is not awful like that Glee cover!

Film roll with musical notes

What are your favourite film soundtracks? Share in the comments box or on social media.

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