My summary of January 2019

As promised, here is my new monthly blog feature summarising the events of each month and sharing blog roundups. Birthday January is always a special month for me because it is the month I was born and the time to celebrate my birthday. This year I turned 25 years old. I didn’t do anything special… Continue reading My summary of January 2019


10 favourite film soundtracks

Music is not just in the charts, on the radio or at gigs and festivals. Another element of music I enjoy listening to is film soundtracks. I love going to the cinema, I have a ridiculous collection of DVDs and nowadays I even discover films streamed online. Since losing my sight (13 years ago this… Continue reading 10 favourite film soundtracks

Last Legs: a tragic comedy about disability | Disability Horizons

Last Legs is a bitter­sweet comedy-drama about a disparate group of people facing very individual challenges with a physical disability, terminal illness, mental health and trauma. Our writer Emma Purcell spoke to its creator, Steven Dark, about where the idea originated from and what he hopes the film will achieve. — Read on Like Rock For… Continue reading Last Legs: a tragic comedy about disability | Disability Horizons