Heat, Hazards and Hooting

Ok I’m no car expert, have never driven a car and unfortunately never will, have very little knowledge on types of cars and do not have much interest in them. As long as I can get from A to B and my wheelchair can access the vehicle, then I’m happy.

However I was stunned, shocked and confused over the events that happened on a car journey earlier this week. I was on route to my friends house in Wiltshire for an afternoon BBQ in the sun. My PA was driving and we approached traffic lights on a roundabout in Andover. When the lights turned green, the gear stick became stuck and we were unable to move. We turned the hazard lights on to make other vehicles aware we were broken down. Yet many people kept hooting their horns at us. One guy clearly couldn’t see and thought we were turning right – dick!

We called the RAC and they said they would be there in 90 minutes… 90 MINUTES? It was 30 degrees and we were in the middle lane of a roundabout. By luck, my PA had a fiddle with the pedal and with relief the gear stick worked. We finished the remaining 20 miles of our journey and got the RAC man to meet us in Wiltshire. He checked it over and apparently there was a lot of grease on the pedal which was causing it to stick and it is common in Peugeot vehicles… COMMON IN PEUGEOT VEHICLES! Thanks for the belated warning (I’ve had this car 2 years!). So what about everyone else who has a Peugeot vehicle, shouldn’t they be told too? Luckily mine broke down on a red light but what if the gear stick got stuck half way down a motorway? Hello, health and safety people!

The only advice the RAC man gave us was if it happens again, fiddle with the pedal and take it to a Peugeot garage. So basically just wait for it to brake again… thanks! So overall I don’t really know what happened to my car that day but thought I’d share this story as a warning to any other Peugeot users.

On the plus side I had a lovely BBQ, enjoyed the sunshine and returned home in one piece!

Emma, Lottie & Steph
Credit: Stephanie Castelete-Tyrrell


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4 thoughts on “Heat, Hazards and Hooting

  1. Watchdog love reporting on cars that have a fault by the manufacturer! Let watchdog know and they’ll most likely make a story out of it. They’re having a go at the Volkswagen at the moment though

  2. Would definetly let watchdog know! They’ll run with it for years (or until the manufacturers recall the cars and release fixed ones)