Disability Horizons News Roundup: 12th – 16th August 2019

This week I continued my news stories for Disability Horizons but made a sensible decision to schedule pieces to be published on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. This is so I can spend the rest of my time working on this blog, Disability Horizons features, AccessAble jobs and complete my goal to become a freelance journalist!… Continue reading Disability Horizons News Roundup: 12th – 16th August 2019


Becoming a freelance journalist

We all make decisions on a daily basis; what to eat, what to wear, what to watch on TV, what to do this weekend and so on. Then there are bigger decisions such as should I go to university, where to live, whether to get married, have children etc. For me, these past 12 months… Continue reading Becoming a freelance journalist

My summary of July 2019

“Summer is here once again so I’m told. But you won’t catch me in my shorts” ~ Kasabian July has been a hot, sticky and sunny month, which isn’t my favourite kind of weather. However I’ve powered on through working, travelling and socialising. Disability Horizons As I mentioned last month, I’ve begun to write some… Continue reading My summary of July 2019