Music Interview: Scant Regard

Scant Regard is a British solo musician with a unique style of, and I quote, “twanging artrock with fuckazoidal tendencies”. It has similarities to the likes of The Prodigy, Pendulum and Muse. _______________________________ Artist Name: Scant Regard Member: Will Crewdson Genre: Industro-surftronica Founded: September 2011 Originated From: Islington, London, UK […]

Music Interview: Rozu

October has exploded onto the scene and I want to open it in hardcore style and introduce to you American band Rozu: _______________________________ Band Name: Rozu Members: Tim Graham (vocals), DJ Sundine (guitar) Brian Robertson (drums) Henry Navarre (Bass) Genre: Post Hardcore/Metal Founded: January 2018 Originated From: Denver Colorado USA […]


This month, I began a new feature on my Facebook page called “Lyrics of the day”. Each day I share some lyrics from one of my favourite songs that are encouraging, motivating and positive! Here are some examples: To view future posts like this and react, comment and share them, […]

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