Album Review: Medicine at Midnight by Foo Fighters

This has been the most anticipated record release of the year and all rock fans are now ecstatic that we can finally listen to the 10th studio album by Foo Fighters, Medicine at Midnight.

This album was initially meant to be released in early 2020, but due to the coronavirus pandemic and the uncertainty around when touring can resume, the band pushed the release date back.

Sadly, there is still no news on when live music can return but Foo Fighters decided a year was long enough and they want their music to be heard and give the fans something to enjoy and look forward to.

As I use an Amazon Echo and have a subscription to Amazon Music, I’ve been streaming Medicine at Midnight on my Alexa device. I know many people in the music industry and some music fans criticise streaming services but for me, it’s an ideal and accessible way for me to listen to music.

I mention this because I’m not sure if the beginning of the album is exclusively for Amazon Music subscribers or available on every version of the album.

The album begins with Dave Grohl giving a brief message to say they’ve waited a long time to release this album and they hope the fans enjoy it, which I thought was a nice personal touch in connecting with the fans, especially when we’ve not seen them on stage for over a year (or 3 years in my case).

Although, since writing this, the introduction from Dave Grohl doesn’t seem to appear anymore. It must’ve been a one-off message for the first couple of days of the album release.

The first track, Making a Fire, is a epic banger to start the album. I can already imagine us all belting out “na na na” at their next concert. I feel like this song is saying, “Hello world, Foo Fighters is back with a bang!”

Shame Shame, which was Foo Fighters’ first single to come off the album in late 2020, was a grower for me. I was hoping for a rock anthem to explode on the airways as their first release but after several more listens, I love the rhythmic beat of Taylor Hawkins drums.

I have similar thoughts with penultimate track, Chasing Birds. It has a nice relaxing feel but it’s not the traditional heavy rock and head banging tunes I love most from Foo Fighters.

The introduction to the song Medicine at Midnight reminded me of the intro to Paramore’s Hard Times and was slightly anxious it would feel more pop-like but fortunately the guitar riffs pick up and it continues into a classic rock/alternative style.

When I heard their second single Waiting on a War a couple of weeks ago, I was instantly hooked and that made me more buzzing to hear the rest of the album. As promised, they did not disappoint.

As well as Making a Fire and Waiting on a War, Cloudspotter, No Son of Mine, Holding Poison and Love Dies Young are quite easily all rock anthems. Perfect guitars, perfect drums and perfect lyrics.

I can picture the crowd jumping, clapping, arm swinging and head banging together in a festival field along with Foo Fighters’ other incredible hits over 25 years.

Medicine at Midnight by Foo Fighters is available to buy, download and stream NOW!

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