Music Interviews: 2020 roundup

With the postponement and cancellation of live music gigs and festivals this year, I’ve not been able to review many shows. However this has given me the time and space to fill my blog with many more music interviews.

Below is a roundup of the 30 music interviews I’ve published this year –

1. The Hellfreaks

The Hellfreaks

Welcome to my first new blog post and my first new music interview of 2020. Today I would like to introduce you to Hungarian born punk and metal rockers, The Hellfreaks:

Read: Music Interview: The Hellfreaks



In this interview, Dean describes his music style, creative processes and inspirations for his latest project. Plus he shares his personal experiences of suddenly becoming a musician with hearing loss.

Read: Music Interview: BLEEDING RAVEN

3. Plastic Barricades

Plastic barricades

Today I’d like to introduce you to indie/alternative rock duo Plastic Barricades. In this interview, I speak to drummer and producer Paul Love about the band’s musical style, influencers and sharing his emotions through music.

Read: Music Interview: Plastic Barricades

4. Fires of Freya

Today’s music interview is with north east British rock band Fires of Freya:

Read: Music Interview: Fires of Freya

5. Lifecycle


Today I would like to introduce American alt-metal rock band Lifecycle. In this interview, I speak to bass player and backing vocalist Scott about the band’s creative art, teamwork and love of Japan.

Read: Music Interview: Lifecycle

6. Stone Sea

Stone Sea

This week I got the opportunity to interview alternative stone rock trio Stone Sea. They explain how the songs write themselves and the band’s ultimate dream for world domination.

Read: Music Interview: Stone Sea

7. Hearts & Hand Grenades

Hearts and Hand Grenades

Today we are being led by girl power and speaking to Stephanie Wlosinski, lead singer and bass guitarist of the band Hearts & Hand Grenades. She explains about the band’s hard rock style and how she was inspired and in love with the Devon rock legends, MUSE.

Read: Music Interview: Hearts & Hand Grenades

8. The Blacklava

The BlackLava

Today I would like to introduce you to Italian rock quartet The Blacklava. They share their musical creative style, performing in a dangerous venue and how COVID-19 is impacting on the music industry.

Read: Music Interview: The Blacklava

9. Little King

Little King


This week I’d like to introduce Texas trio Little King. I spoke to their guitarists Ryan Rosoff about the bands creative process, their 25 year back-catalogue of music and their hope of returning on stage soon at the end of this pandemic.

Read: Music Interview: Little King

10. Undefeated


Today we speak to teen rockers Undefeated from northern New York state. Lead vocalist Meredith discusses the band’s booming and glittery sounds, her ridiculously good ideas and love of performing live.

Read: Music Interview: Undefeated

11. The KillerHertz

The Killerhertz

This week I would like to introduce you to Danish hard rock band The KillerHertz. Read on to find out their creative style, their dream festivals to perform and their ultimate bands to warm up with.

Read: Music Interview: The KillerHertz

12. Katya Richardson

Katya Richardson Left From Wright

This week I got the opportunity to interview Katya Richardson, an LA-based composer for orchestra, film, and dance. She has had her works performed at Walt Disney Concert Hall, the Hollywood Bowl, and the Royal Opera House in London. She tells us about her love of classical, jazz and electronica music and her dream to work on a feature length film.

Read: Music Interview: Katya Richardson

13. Tradmrkd


Today we speak to Scottish band Tradmrkd about their pop punk music style inspired by their love of Green Day and their ambitions to tour the world and sell thousands of records.

Read: Music Interview: Tradmrkd

14. Fanni Mayer

Fanni Mayer

Today I’d like to introduce you to Hungarian pop artist Fanni Mayer, who shares her love of emotive songs and music that makes her dance like crazy.

Read: Music Interview: Fanni Mayer

15. Reaven


Today I’d like to introduce you to French pop/rock quartet Reaven. Lead-singer and guitarist Romeo tells us about their pop/rck style and their dreams to tour the world.

Read: Music Interview: Reaven

16. Bison Face

Bison Face

Today I’d like to introduce you to alternative rock quartet Bison Face. Vocalist and guitarist Ernie Hill tells us about the band’s loud guitar music and their ultimate dream to perform with as many other bands as possible.

Read: Music Interview: Bison Face



Here is an interview I conducted with north-east English lads DOCKSUNS, in with they give a snippet into their musical style, ifluencers and dreams of playing at Glastonbury Festival.

Read: Music Interview: DOCKSUNS

18. Ali in the Jungle

Ali in the Jungle

Today I am introducing you to indie/alternative band Ali in the Jungle. They tell us how they like to perform different styles of music, how a FIFA game inspired their band name and their love of bands giving more status to drummers.

Read: Music Interview: Ali in the Jungle

19. Demi the Daredevil

Demi the Daredevil

I would like to introduce you to alt pop singer/songwriter Demi the Daredevil, who tells us about his fantasy musical style, the importance of making something great and being able to connect to his fans.

Read: Music Interview: Demi the Daredevil

20. Venus Fly Trap

Venus Fly Trap

Today I speak to post punk duo Venus Fly Trap who tells us about four decades of making and performing music, their favourite places to perform and the release of ther best of album.

Read: Music Interview: Venus Fly Trap

21. Esteban


Today I speak to indie-pop quartet Esteban who tell us about their love of creating and performing live music.

Read: Music Interview: Esteban


22. Chasing Apparitions

Chasing Apparition

This interview is the first of seven in my week long Music Interview Marathon. Today we welcome American metal trio Chasing Apparitions. They tell us about their “aggressive” and “hard hitting” music and how their band name was inspired by a social media post.

Read: Music Interview: Chasing Apparitions

23. Holly Penfield

Holly Penfield

The second artist to feature in my Music Interview Marathon is American singer/songwriter Holly Penfield. She tells us about her musical creative process and shares how being a solo artist can be lonely at times but also is important in finding your own style.

Read: Music Interview: Holly Penfield

24. Arya (Italy)

Arya (Italy)

Today, as part of my Music Interview Marathon, I speak to Luca Pasini, guitarist and vocalist of Italian trio Arya (Italy), who tells us about how they mix up genres and how their latest album reflect the dark times they faced as a band.

Read: Music Interview: Arya (Italy)

25. Ghosts of Sunset

Ghosts of Sunset

The fourth band to feature on my Music Interview Marathon is American rock n’ roll duo Ghosts of Sunset, who tell us about their love of music across the decades and their hope to perform live again in the near future.

Read: Music interview: Ghosts of Sunset

26. Simple Radicals

simple radicals

The fifth band to feature on my Music Interview Marathon is American retro-rock quartet, The Simple Radicals. Lead vocalist and guitarist John Malkin tells us how his music is deep and personal and how they love to have a simple life but think radical.

Read: Music Interview: The Simple Radicals

27. Non Stop Erotic Cabaret #nSECmUSIC


Today synth pop duo Non Stop Erotic Cabaret #nSECmUSIC joins us in the sixth instalment of my Music Interview Marathon. They tell us how despite them being a duo, they work in different studio and shares a crazy festival story that involves Bez from Happy Mondays.

Read: Music Interview: Non Stop Erotic Cabaret #nSECmUSIC

28. TramstonValley


The final guest to feature my Music Interview Marathon is Japanese trio TramstonValley. They  share a brief outline of their music style, creative process and how they came up with their band name.

Read: Music Interview: TramstonValley

29. Fatal Switch

Fatal Switch

Today we speak to Canadian heavy metal rock band Fatal Switch. They tell us about their musical style, the difficulty of finding band members and the meaning behind their band name.

Read: Music Interview: Fatal Switch

30. Amy Mantis & the Space Between

Amy Mantis - Guitar BW

Today we speak to singer/songwriter Amy Mantis who shares her love of classic rock, how she can never stop writing music and her hope to returning to gigs next year.

Read: Music Interview: Amy Mantis & the Space Between


If you’re in a band or a musician and would like to appear on this blog in 2021, please contact me and I’ll forward you an interview template.

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