Music Interview: Fatal Switch

Today we speak to Canadian heavy metal rock band Fatal Switch. They tell us about their musical style, the difficulty of finding band members and the meaning behind their band name.


Band Name: Fatal Switch
Members: Steve Tobin (vocals), Ryann Paqueo (guitar), David Vigliotti (bass), Max Rope (guitar) & Ralph A Samah (drums)
Genre: Rap Metal Rock
Founded: January 2018
Originated From: Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Discography: Who We Are (single), Heartless (single), Doctors & Demons (single) & Doctors & Demons (album)


How would you describe your music?

We would say our music is heavy metal and rock hybrid, mixed in with in-depth hip-hop storytelling.

What is your musical creative process like?

It varies quite a bit. It usually centres around an idea that either inspires the musical composition or vice versa. However, the process on the first record is vastly different from the second one we are currently writing.

At this point in time, we continue to influence and inspire each other by really sculpting and moulding the evolution of our sound.  We have become very big on refining and perfecting every aspect from arrangements to transitions, riffs, melodies, beats and lyrics.

How did the band form?

We only officially formed after the first album was recorded. Steve had his vision of where he wanted to take his lyrics but finding musicians to support the music before going into studio was a difficult task.

He had a falling out with his guitarist at the time so it was down to just our bassist David and Steve to bring Doctors & Demons to life. 

With the help of session players and the incredible talents of our producer Kevin Jardine, we were able to carve out Steve’s unique vision into creation.

It was then that Steve was able to use these songs as a business card to acquire some deeply talented musicians, they are the most dedicated and original individuals I could have ever asked for.

How did you come up with your band name?

Fatal Switch was one of many word combinations that we mentally dumped into a word document as we scoured the far corners of our mind for a name that reads as statement for everything that represents our brand.

Entrenched in duality, Fatal Switch is all about finding the light in the dark and the dark in the light. It’s about questioning everything you think to be true or false and to understand how perceptions and perspectives alter our very existence.

Every time you are able to change your mind about an opinion or belief you once had by trying to understand what lies on the other side of the coin, that’s what is called a Fatal Switch.

Who influenced you within the music industry?

Quite a lot of musicians have played an integral part on inspiring us to be artists. The list is honestly endless but to name a few – Metallica, Megadeth, Children of Bodom, In Flames, Korn, Tool, Radiohead, Sneaker Pimps, Eminem, A Tribe Called Quest, The Roots, Kirk Jones and The Roots would make the short list. We have such a wide eclectic taste that translates into the music that we write and is very important to us that we keep an open and inquisitive mind.

Have you performed live much and what was your favourite gig to play at?

We got off a handful of shows to promote our singles Who We Are and Heartless before COVID shut down our live performances.

Our best gig to date was at Cherry Cola’s in Toronto. It was a sponsored showcase at Indie Week 2019 and the sound guy was really amazing. The sound translated into an overall killer performance and it was quite a memorable night. 

What is the best thing about being in a band?

Being able to create works of art and share our ideas, emotions and stories with the world. When we get those comments in our inbox from people who have really connected with our message and our sound it is one of the most validating experiences a person can have.

What’s the biggest problem you’ve had to overcome so far as a musician(s)?

We feel as though there is a lack of financial support for the arts, whether we are talking film, music and other fields. People don’t really realise how expensive it is to be an artist and the returns are close to non-existent at best.

Instruments, gear, maintenance – every single aspect costs so much money and yet after all we put into creating this music for the public, the government lets conglomerates like Spotify or YouTube absolutely cannibalise our returns. We do get to feed on our blood, sweat and tears and why do we allow them to?

It’s a tough one to overcome but through perseverance and reliance, we will one day find our financial footing.

What plans have you got coming up this year?

2020 is all about staying healthy and creative. As we try our best to promote our debut album, we are also taking the time to look forward to the future with some truly unprecedented and killer content ready to go.

What is your ultimate dream as a band?

To have a sustainable fan base that will permit us to do what we love as a full-time job. We are not looking for riches just a certain level of comfort that will allow us to further our musical contributions.

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