Review: The Wombats at O2 Guildhall Southampton


This is a short and sweet review of a short and sweet performance. My overall feeling after watching The Wombats live was that I felt “So happy! So happy! So happy!” The band from Liverpool were energetic, lively, joyful and thoroughly entertaining.

A majority of the show was dedicated to their latest album Beautiful People Will Ruin Your Life which was released back in February 2018. Unfortunately I had not listen to this album enough prior to the gig to fully enjoy and appreciate the tracks. However, the songs they did play were performed very well and encouraged me to listen to the album again over the weekend.

I would’ve liked to have heard more of their older tracks including Anti-D, Backfire at the Disco and A Perfect Disease. Moreover, I expected them to perform more tracks from their first album, A Guide to Love, Loss and Desperation, which celebrated it’s 10th anniversary in 2017.

My highlight was definitely them singing my favourite old school tracks Kill the Director, Moving to New York and Let’s Dance to Joy Division. I was slightly dejected they did not close with Let’s Dance to Joy Division. Instead they sung that before the encore and closed with Greek Tragedy from their third album Glitterbug. On the plus side, they did bring on 5 wombat mascots who were dancing around the stage and was highly amusing!

I also admired the colourful lighting on stage and enjoyed the animated graphics on the big screen. At some points the graphics were quite hypnotic, especially the lemons charging up a road when they performed Lemons to a Knife Fight.

And finally, I can’t finish without mentioning the lovely company spent with the bestie. I hope you enjoyed your Christmas present and thank you for accompanying me! 😍😀🎸🎵🎶❤️

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