Album Review: Wildness by Snow Patrol

After 7 long years of silence, Snow Patrol are finally back with a new album. Wildness is a therapeutic masterpiece; full of love, emotion, mindfulness, thankfulness, reconnecting, letting go and natural beauty. Lead singer, Gary Lightbody, expresses his battle with depression, his acceptance of his Father having dementia, the social […]

Music Interview: Hail the Hatter

As a bank holiday treat, I decided to publish an extra blog post for your pleasure. Today I want introduce you to a Caribbean rock band, Hail the Hatter: _______________________________ Band Name: Hail the Hatter Members: Jonathan Boos (Vocals), Dax Cartar (Guitar), Nicholai Assam (Drums), Aaron Lowchewtung (Bass) Genre: Hard […]

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