Music Interview: Non Stop Erotic Cabaret #nSECmUSIC

Today synth pop duo Non Stop Erotic Cabaret #nSECmUSIC joins us in the sixth instalment of my Music Interview Marathon. They tell us how despite them being a duo, they work in different studio and shares a crazy festival story that involves Bez from Happy Mondays.


Band Name: Non Stop Erotic Cabaret (#nSECmUSIC)
Members: Timmy Faith (Instrumentals) & Damo Devotion (Vocals)
Genre: Synth pop
Founded: 2020
Originated From: Leeds, Yorkshire
Discography: Connected (single, 2020) & Mr. Moogie (single, 2021)


How would you describe your music?

Irresistible, danceable, sing-alongable synth pop.

What is your musical creative process like?

Despite not living far from one another, we work completely separately in our own studios, and rarely meet.

Timmy creates an instrumental, and emails it to Damo, who writes the lyrics and adds the vocals, and then the track is then emailed back and forth with each of us working on it in turn until it’s finished.

Once we’re happy with how it sounds, we create a video, upload it to our YouTube channel, and start working on the next track.

How did the band form?

Timmy and Damo met at a music festival, and got on so well that Damo invited Timmy to DJ at one of his club nights and the rest, as they say, is history.

We started out creating remixes and mashups to play out live, then progressed to making our own original music when Timmy sent Damo a synth pop instrumental, he had created.

Damo loved it so much, he wrote some words and recorded some vocals and sent it back to Timmy, who didn’t hate it, and that was the moment Non Stop Erotic Cabaret was born.

How did you come up with your band name?

Timmy and Damo have very different and eclectic music tastes, and Non Stop Erotic Cabaret by Soft Cell is pretty much the only album, which we both own and love.

When we were looking for a band name, it seemed an obvious choice, as Soft Cell not only created glorious synth pop music, but they also came from Leeds, where we were living and working as DJs when we first met.

Unfortunately, the choice of name also made us practically unGoogleable, as the original album was so popular, so we wound up creating the hashtag #nSECmUSIC so that people could find our work more easily online.

Who influenced you within the music industry?

There are a whole host of influences that shine through our creative output, from Kraftwerk to The Weeknd via Depeche Mode, Erasure, Happy Mondays, New Order, Daft Punk and, of course, Soft Cell.

We’ve also been influenced by amazing producers like Trevor Horn, Nile Rogers, Dave Bascombe, Steve Lillywhite, and even Dr Dre, all of whom influenced the #nSECmUSIC sound. 

Have you performed live much and what was your favourite gig to play at?

The current Covid situation has prevented any live appearances or DJ sets this year.

A real high point was playing the Beat-Herder festival in Yorkshire where, after giving it our all on stage, we danced ourselves dizzy to disco ‘til dawn, and wound up playing pass the parcel with Bez from the Happy Mondays in a disused cow shed in the wee small hours, before literally crawling back to the camp site covered in mud, glitter and glory.

What is the best thing about being in a band?

The freedom to do what we want to do, when you want to do it, is one of the glories of being in a band and creating something from nothing is an ongoing source of joy.

What’s the biggest problem you’ve had to overcome so far as a musician(s)?

Lockdown. Whilst creativity and productivity have gone through the roof, because there is currently very little else to do but write music and make videos, opportunities to play live or DJ have disappeared completely, which means all that lovely new music cannot be shared properly with the world at large.

What plans have you got coming up this year?

The current single, Connected is doing really well, and not only getting international airplay, but also creating new fans literally all around the world, from the UK and US to India, Japan, and the Galapagos Islands, which is very exciting. The follow up single, Mr. Moogie, will be coming out early in 2021. 

In the meantime, the plan is to do everything possible to ensure that once lockdown is over and done with, fans around the globe will get the chance to see Non Stop Erotic Cabaret live and direct, instead of online through their multimedia devices.

What is your ultimate dream as a band?

The whole point of Non Stop Erotic Cabaret is to make awesome music and have fun whilst doing it, and the ultimate dream is to achieve eternal happiness, hopefully by being the first band to play live on both the moon and mars.

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