Music Interview: Fanni Mayer

Today I’d like to introduce you to Hungarian pop artist Fanni Mayer, who shares her love of emotive songs and music that makes her dance like crazy.


Artist’s Name: Fanni Mayer
Genre: art-pop, electropop, dream-pop, alt-pop, indie pop, RnB, soul
Founded: March 2018
Originated From: Budapest, Hungary
Discography: Horizon, Grace N Dirt & Stranger Things


How would you describe your music?

I don’t like to put labels on things. I’m inspired by so many different genres and artists I think my style is the mixture of those impressions. I like storytelling, I like mixing reality with fiction, I like music that talks about important issues, but I like music I can dance to like crazy.

What is your musical creative process like?

I’m a lyric freak. I’d rather change the melody for the lyrics.
I usually start with a feeling, one line or just a word and I try un-fold it through the song. I try to get as close to the feeling as possible and then I show those sketches to my guitarist/pianist songwriter friends and we keep going to capture the vibe.

Sometimes I pick up my guitar and play 5 chords I know to get in the mood and the words come out so easily. I find myself thinking “damn I didn’t know that I feel this way or that way”.

Music and writing can bring out your deepest thoughts and feelings that you don’t know even existed. Or maybe you try to hide them, sweep them under the rug but music makes you confess, and this is truly amazing.

Final step is to get into a studio with a producer like Mat Leppenen (The Animal Farm UK) and finish up the song. For me, it’s very important to get involved in the producing process too because only I know how I want to feel about a certain song, but in the end, it’s our baby. I love good teamwork.

Who influenced you within the music industry?

I’ll start with my Mom’s favourites; Leonard Cohen, Elvis Presley, Queen, Nina Simone, Whitney Houston, Barbra Streisand, Celine Dion and musicals like Hair and All That Jazz.

Then I found Spice Girls.. I was dancing and singing around our living room pretending I’m Sporty Spice with a fake tattoo on, crop top and sweatpants (just the essentials) with my toy microphone (our neighbours loved me for sure). I’m a true 90’s kid. I was inspired by many 90’s and early 2000’s pop/RnB/hip-hop/soul artists and bands like Destiny’s Child, The Fugees, Nelly Furtado, TLC, Eminem, Kelis, Missy Elliott, Justin Timberlake, No Doubt, Avril Lavigne, Britney Spears etc.

And when I heard Pink’s Missundaztood and Christina Aguilera’s Stripped albums, I knew I found my calling. Those songs hit so hard in my heart, so bravely speaking about family issues, women’s rights, sexuality and vulnerability. I was blown away by them and addicted like I can’t wait to get back home from school to listen to those records over and over. I translated every line, learned them and sang them at the top of my lungs (thanks neighbours for bearing me through these years).

I also love music from Green Day, Black Eyed Peas, Joan Jett, Madonna, Fiona Apple, Tracy Chapman, Sting, St. Vincent, Coldplay, Amy Winehouse, Rihanna, Lorde, Dido, Lykke Li, Sia, Florence Welch and Lady Gaga, plus many, many more.

Have you performed live much and what was your favourite gig to play at?

I have performed many times with my acoustic duos and with Hungarian hip-hop/pop band ‘Follow the Flow’ between 2017-2018. I was featured as a vocalist and I performed at the biggest open-air concert venue in Hungary (Budapest Park) one time – it was breath-taking.

My favourite gig so far was at Garden Wonder’s secret event last year (it’s kind of like Sofar Sounds). The first time I performed my own songs only, with great musicians by my side.

What is the best thing about being a musician?

To be able to connect people through your stories and music. On stage I feel free as a bird I can be my truest self there or I can be whoever I want to be.

What is beyond beautiful to me that you can create a whole world within 3 or 4 minutes, you can grab a moment and put it into this capsule that you can listen to over and over again and boom, it takes you back to that feeling, to that place or to that person – it’s magical!

What’s the biggest problem you’ve had to overcome so far as a musician?

As an overly sensitive person, for me, the hardest part is living life on a daily basis. I mean I can feel everything very intensively, which is great when I perform and when I write, but in everyday life, it can be challenging so I’m constantly learning how to cope with that. And another thing is patience. I’m learning that too.

What plans have you got coming up this year?

Release new music, shoot music videos, write new music and work with new people

What is your ultimate dream as a musician?

To write songs that can give love and support as much as my favourite artists gave to me.

You can follow Fanni Mayer on Facebook and Instagram and check out her music on YouTube and Spotify.


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