Album Review: Eight by Francesco Fonte Band


Band Name: Francesco Fonte Band

Members: Francesco Fonte (vocalist/guitarist), Wayne Casserly (drummer) & Douglas Wheeler (Bass guitarist)

Genre: Progressive Rock, Alternative Rock

Founded: 2011

Originated From: London, UK

Discography: ‘Blue Omens’ (Album, 2011), ‘Arousal Addiction’ (EP, 2013) & ‘Eight’ (Album, 2018)


Imagine Prince, Nine Inch Nails, Suede and Pink Floyd collapsing into an absinthe-induced cloud of beauty and throw in a brutally powerful rock backbone.’ – Howlin’ Anton Bleak”

‘Eight’ is the second album to be released by London trio Francesco Fonte Band. It is filled with power, strength and suspense.

The record opens with the single ‘Necropolis Eye’ which is filled with heavy guitar riffs and Francesco’s multi-scaled vocal chords. He can go from deep tenor, metal screams to high pitched notes.

These techniques continue throughout the album, particularly in tracks ‘Sun’, ‘Bloody Dream’, ‘Dancer of Love’ and ‘Burn’.

‘Universe Garden’ has a sci-fi, space odyssey feel to it. The guitars bring a sense of us travelling through the universe.

My favourite song on the album is ‘Never Ending’. It is a lengthy track with many creative layers. I was amazed at Francesco’s skills to hold a note for 1 minute long without needing to take a breath (yes I timed it). It then continues into a long instrumental segment which illustrates all the elements of rock.

The album closes with ‘The Dark Heath’ which has a spooky and haunted feel to it. There is no song but different instrumental pieces full of drums, guitars, organs and synthesisers – plus some scary voices!

Overall, this album brings together a montage of different rock styles from yeas gone by. Personally I can hear similarities to Nirvana, Muse, Radiohead and Queen merged in one record.


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