A Rabbit is a Woman’s Best Friend

Having a pet is an incredible thing. They give you unconditional love, laughter and the occasional dirty smell!

In the Autumn of 2016, I began to feel rather bored, lonely and isolated with no job, home or social life post university. Then one day I visited a pet shop and came across the cutest, fluffiness and cuddliest creature in the world who was soon to change my life.

Say hello to Mickey, the Polish rabbit. Well he isn’t actually Polish, but he is a Polish breed of rabbit. He is approximately 16 months old and is said to be able to live as long as 8 years. He loves his food, being petted and cuddled , exploring the lounge and more recently, becoming a bit of a sex pest.

As his owner, I thought I would do a bit of research into rabbits and compare the facts to Mickey’s life and behaviour. On a website called pets4homes, I found a variety of interesting, funny, shocking and strange facts that I’d like to share:

1. A male rabbit is called a Buck – But he definitely cost more than a buck!

2. Rabbits belong to a species grouping known as the lagomorphs which also includes hares and pikas – Sounds like a type of Pokemon to me!

3. Rabbits can train to go to the toilet in a litter box relatively quickly and can continuously stick to the same place each time – This is true for Mickey in his cage but as soon as he is released in the lounge, my carpet becomes a poo city!

4. Rabbits can purr to indicate their satisfaction of things – Mickey did kind of begin this a month ago but it is more to signify he is feeling horny!

5. Rabbits’ eyes are on the sides of the head, giving them excellent vision all the way around, with a small blind spot at the point directly in front of them and directly behind them – Wahoo me and Mickey both have a visual impairment!

6. Shock and sudden frights can literally scare a rabbit to death, as they have small, delicate hearts that beat at a very fast rate – That is a scary thought. I hope it never happens to Mickey!

7. Rabbits physically can’t vomit – On the plus side there is less cleaning up to do but must be a horrible feeling for Mickey!

8. Rabbits need to consume a large amount of hay or grass each day, in order to keep their digestive system moving and to bind hairballs in the stomach and allow them to pass – So that explains why all of Mickey’s hay appears to be gone in a day!

9. Rabbits require a considerable water intake each day, and a rabbit that weighs 2lb will drink as much water in a day as a dog that weighs 10lb – Wow I think I need to buy a bigger bottle for this water-holic bunny!

10. Released domestic rabbits are very unlikely to survive in the wild – Of course, Mickey’s a domestic home boy!

Well that was an eye opener. Both Mickey and I hope you enjoyed reading this week’s blog and you have a splendid weekend!

Also please view my Creature Comforts video starring Mickey the Rabbit himself.

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