New music in 2019: Part 3

Here is Part 3 of my feature where every three months I will share my suggested new music of the year: 1. Liam Gallagher – Now that I found you 2. Blink 182 – Pin the Grenade 3. Snow Patrol – Time won’t go slowly 4. Coldplay – Orphans 5. Green Day – Father of… Continue reading New music in 2019: Part 3


My summary of September 2019

September hasn’t been an overly hectic month but still fairly productive with work, drama rehearsals and binge watching TV. Disability Horizons As usual, I’ve continued to bring in our news content. In fact, this week I found out our website reached 60,000 views this month, with two of my news articles; Will Bayley joining Strictly… Continue reading My summary of September 2019

Reading Festival 2019: “TV highlights”

I hate to say it but this year I failed to attend a summer music festival; since my first music festival back in 2012. I did try buying tickets for Glastonbury Festival back in October but they sold out farr too quickly despite logging on at exactly 9am. Then when I found out Foo Fighters… Continue reading Reading Festival 2019: “TV highlights”