5 reasons to become a volunteer

This week organisations and charities have been celebrating Volunteers Week. This occasion recognises and thanks volunteers for all their amazing hard work and giving up their time for others. It is said that in 2017/18, 20.1 million (38%) people in the UK volunteered formally at least once a year and 11.8 million (22%) of people did so… Continue reading 5 reasons to become a volunteer


5 disability aids that can help you live independently

We’ve rounded up five disability aids and gadgets to help you to live independently, whether that’s cooking, cleaning, working or watching TV. Find out more about how these cheap disability aids could help you. — Read on disabilityhorizons.com/2019/06/5-disability-aids-that-can-help-you-live-independently/ Like Rock For Disability on Facebook, follow me on Twitter @P94Emma, follow me on Pinterest or use the Contact… Continue reading 5 disability aids that can help you live independently

Music Interview: Avalanche

We’re heading to the rock n’ roll scene down under this week to introduce you to Avalanche: __________________________________________________________ Band: Avalanche Members: Steven Campbell (Lead vocals/bass), Veronica ‘V’ Taleski (Lead Guitar), Ryan Roma (Drums) & Arthur Divis (Rhythm Guitar) Genre: Hard Rock Founded: March 2018 Originated From: Sydney, Australia Discography: Sent From Hell (Debut Double EP,… Continue reading Music Interview: Avalanche