My 20 favourite things…

Today I thought I would tell you some random facts about me and share my 20 favourite things: 1. Favourite colour – Blue 2. Favourite letter – P 3. Favourite number – 11 4. Favourite day – Saturday 5. Favourite time – Nighttime 6. Favourite month – January 7. Favourite season – Winter 8. Fovourite… Continue reading My 20 favourite things…


15 facts about Hampshire

I have lived in Hampshire all my life: Born and raised within the Portsmouth area then later studied and now currently live in Alton. I’m now the AccessAble Champion for Hampshire and I’m eager to have the county recognised on a global scale. Today I want to share some facts about the region that I’ve… Continue reading 15 facts about Hampshire

10 facts about CP | Guest Blog on My Beautiful Trauma

All my life I always get asked the same questions; Why can’t you walk? Why are you in a wheelchair? Are you paralysed? Well here are the answers: I’m in a wheelchair and cannot walk because I have Cerebral Palsy (CP) In this guest blog post published on My Beautiful Trauma, I share 10 facts… Continue reading 10 facts about CP | Guest Blog on My Beautiful Trauma