Can I have assistance please?

Every disabled person knows having a disability comes with its challenges; accessing public transport, accessing shops and restaurants, receiving support in education, securing employment, making friendships and relationships plus much more. For me, the most frustrating thing is relying on other people for assistance. I require 24 hour care which supports me with personal care,… Continue reading Can I have assistance please?


Should Blue Badges be given to people with hidden disabilities?

It was reported earlier this week that the blue badge scheme will be expanding by giving them to people with hidden disabilities in England. A blue badge is a parking permit that allows people with physical disabilities to park their vehicles in disabled parking bays and double yellow lines. The scheme was introduced in 1970… Continue reading Should Blue Badges be given to people with hidden disabilities?

Heat, Hazards and Hooting

Ok I’m no car expert, have never driven a car and unfortunately never will, have very little knowledge on types of cars and do not have much interest in them. As long as I can get from A to B and my wheelchair can access the vehicle, then I’m happy. However I was stunned, shocked… Continue reading Heat, Hazards and Hooting