The Last Leg: a review of the alternative Paralympics show (03/09/2012)

My Disability Horizons writing debut – Alternative Paralympic highlights programme, The Last Leg with Adam Hills, airs on Channel 4 every evening at 10.30pm. — Read on Like Rock For Disability on Facebook, follow me on Twitter @P94Emma, follow me on Pinterest or use the Contact Form.  

A tribute to Chester Bennington

On Thursday 20th July 2017, the world of music had to say goodbye to a rock icon. Chester Bennington, lead singer of Linkin Park, lost his battle with depression and committed suicide. A year on, I would like to share my own tribute with a review I wrote of Linkin Park’s memorable performance at the… Continue reading A tribute to Chester Bennington

Music Interview: Krista D

For this music interview, I have the joy of introducing to you Canadian artist, Krista D:   ____________________________________________________________ Artists Name: Krista D Members: Krista Acheson (Singer-Songwriter and instrumental composer) Various Musician collaborations – Scott McKinley (Guitar and Bass), Chris Colepaugh (Guitar and Bass), Mike Bourgeois (Heavy Guitar), Joel Spanky Gray (Trumpet), Don Berner (Saxophone), Alden… Continue reading Music Interview: Krista D