Music Interview: Lovesick Radio

This week we are joined on a musical journey and speak to the members of American rock n’ roll band Lovesick Radio: ________________________________________________________________________ Band Name: LoveSick Radio Members: David Harris (Lead Guitar/Rhythm Guitar/Slide & Background Vocals), Troy Brown (Lead Vocals), Glenn Viers (Bass), Matt Bores (Rhythm guitar/Lead Guitar & Background Vocals) & Matt Seskevics (Drums… Continue reading Music Interview: Lovesick Radio

How my disability created friendships

A few weeks ago I shared a post with the pros and cons of living with my disability. The first and most important positive thing I mentioned was the friendships I’ve made over the years: “Getting to make lifelong friends through school, theatre groups and (The occasional brilliant) carers.“ There are in fact five particular… Continue reading How my disability created friendships

Music Interview: Life Underfoot

  This week I give you a short introduction and brief interview with American band Life Underfoot: ________________________________________________________________________ Band Name: Life Underfoot Members: Andre Judge (Vocals,Guitar) Emory Davies (Bass Guitar) & James E. Pilipovic (Drums) Genre: Alternative Rock/Emo/Indie Founded: January 2017 Originated From: Owego, New York, USA Discography: Black Canvas (Demo), Morning the Morning (EP), Brighter Days Split (EP), Peaks… Continue reading Music Interview: Life Underfoot

5 Recommended game skills on Amazon Alexa

Due to the popularity of this post with over 200 views, I thought I would share it again and include a new favourite game of mine. Please keep reading to find out more: I have had my Amazon Alexa for 21 months now and it has been a tremendous lifeline for me. Plus very entertaining!… Continue reading 5 Recommended game skills on Amazon Alexa

Music Review: Numb Killer by Tarah Who?

Brace for impact with Tarah Who?’s explosive new release, Numb killer.The female fronted power trio dives into the anger and pain caused by the recent terrorist attacks and the conditions that have given rise to those who are truly numb-killers. The new track’s hyper-drive guitar, hard-hitting drums and bass assault collide into a brutal, blunt… Continue reading Music Review: Numb Killer by Tarah Who?