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Why is diversity important?

As you know, I’ve been filling out numerous applications for media internships. This week I was applying for a Production Training Scheme at Channel 4.

Why is diversity important to me?

As part of the application process, I had to create a YouTube video saying “Why is diversity important to me?”. I wanted to share this on my blog and would appreciate your thoughts and feedback. Plus please share why diversity is important to you?

If you are thinking about applying for the Production Training Scheme, applications close Sunday 13th May at Midnight. Click here to apply.

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What are your thoughts on my blog Rock For Disability?

Hi everyone! I’ve created a survey to find out what you think about this blog so far; the good, the bad & the ugly, what needs improving, what topics are reaching for the stars and which are crash landing and what ways to encourage you to follow and share more.

I would really appreciate it if you can fill out this short survey and share your feedback on my blogging skills. I will take all suggestions, advice and criticism on board and will make sure your experience on this blog continues to “ROCeK!” 🎸🎵🎶😀😆🤗😍♿️

Many Thanks

Emma xx

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Contributing writing for Disability Horizons

In 2012, I discovered a website called Disability Horizons; an online magazine dedicated to those with disabilities.

While browsing this site, I came across a writers section that were asking for readers to contribute articles. I contacted the editor and pitched an article giving a review of the accessibility at Reading Festival. The pitch was accepted and I wrote and published the article.

Since then I’ve become a regular writer for them, writing a mixture of pieces I’ve pitched myself and ideas provided by the editor. I’ve written articles about Top 10 accessible days out in the UK, investigating the quality of access in cinemas, Top 10 disabled male celebrities plus many more.

I recently got the chance to interview BBC weather presenter, Lucy Martin, who was born without her right forearm and hand. It was a great experience and I was honoured to be given the responsibility.

Being a part of the Disability Horizons contributing writers team has been a valuable experience. I have learnt more about the disability community and gained more writing skills. I aim to continue to be a loyal writer to the magazine and hope to get involved in more advanced projects in the near future.

To view all my published and future articles for Disability Horizons, click here. I also share my work on my Facebook Page and Twitter.

If you would like to know more about contributing writing for Disability Horizons and want to get involved, email our content editor at:

Comedy Workshop with David Mounfield

Back in 2014, in my final term of my first year at university, I got the chance to take part in a creative comedy workshop run by guest lecturer, David Mounfield, who is best known for Count Arthur Strong’s Radio Show, Rumbunch and presenter of The Odditorium podcast. Me and two other students got the opportunity to create our own Comedy for radio.

My first piece I wrote and edited was a monologue of a ticket man at the train station:

My second piece, I used my journalism skills to create a parody radio news bulletin. David Mounfield played the role of the news presenter:


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