New adventures at Disability Horizons

I’ve been a writer for Disability Horizons for almost 7 years now. A majority of my work consists of writing up articles from home. However, this year my role is becoming bigger and better. Firstly, on Wednesday 27th February, I will be taking part in my first reporting role for Disability Horizons. I’m heading to… Continue reading New adventures at Disability Horizons

Music Interview: Lovesick Radio

This week we are joined on a musical journey and speak to the members of American rock n’ roll band Lovesick Radio: ________________________________________________________________________ Band Name: LoveSick Radio Members: David Harris (Lead Guitar/Rhythm Guitar/Slide & Background Vocals), Troy Brown (Lead Vocals), Glenn Viers (Bass), Matt Bores (Rhythm guitar/Lead Guitar & Background Vocals) & Matt Seskevics (Drums… Continue reading Music Interview: Lovesick Radio

How my disability created friendships

A few weeks ago I shared a post with the pros and cons of living with my disability. The first and most important positive thing I mentioned was the friendships I’ve made over the years: “Getting to make lifelong friends through school, theatre groups and (The occasional brilliant) carers.“ There are in fact five particular… Continue reading How my disability created friendships