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This blog follows my life as a disabled person, reports disability news, share music reviews, give advice pieces, shows multimedia content plus much more!

Album Review: Eight by Francesco Fonte Band

_______________________________________________________ Band Name: Francesco Fonte Band Members: Francesco Fonte (vocalist/guitarist), Wayne Casserly (drummer) & Douglas Wheeler (Bass guitarist) Genre: Progressive Rock, Alternative Rock Founded: 2011 Originated From: London, UK Discography: ‘Blue Omens’ (Album, 2011), ‘Arousal Addiction’ (EP, 2013) & ‘Eight’ (Album, 2018) _______________________________________________________ “Imagine Prince, Nine Inch Nails, Suede and […]

Music Interview: Molly Grue

For my last music interview, I introduced you to Krista Acheson from Krista D. Now she is back with another solo project by the name of Molly Grue. Krista spoke to me about this new project: _______________________________ Band Name: Molly Grue Members: Krista Acheson (singer/songwriter) + various musicians Genre: Soft […]

Last Legs: a tragic comedy about disability | Disability Horizons

This article was originally published on online magazine Disability Horizons who I regularly write for as a freelance journalist. _______________________________ Last Legs is a bitter­sweet comedy-drama about a disparate group of people facing very individual challenges with a physical disability, terminal illness, mental health and trauma. Our writer Emma Purcell […]

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